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  1. Assume that media is cheap and plentiful. Nowadays, it is. A simple dialog (toggle-able in preferences) could suffice as a warning. "ImgBurn does not recommend real time decompression of compressed images. Would you like to proceed anyway?" It's simple and to the point. Plus, if you don't want to burn compressed images, nobody would be forcing you to. I merely added it as a suggestion as it is something that I would honestly like to see in ImgBurn.
  2. I suspect the same thing would happen as if the image file itself was damaged. Also, it's a smaller file if it's compressed, meaning that it occupies less sectors of disk space, which in turn means the chances of a particular sector flaking out and ruining one of my images is lessened by ((uncompressed size of image)-(size of compressed image))/(uncompressed size of image)%. This means that by compressing my disk images, I would be increasing reliability! Seriously though, I'd expect both a damaged archive to not work. I would also expect a damaged image file to not work either, so it's a non-issue.
  3. I know, hard drive storage is cheap, but... with processors being as powerful as they're getting, why not support burning images that are stored inside .zip files or such? Where I work, Imgburn is used primarily to image and burn OS recovery media. Some of the disk images that we store can be compressed quite well by simple .zip or .7z. However, if we compress them, we would have to expand them every time we wanted to burn one, so why can't Imgburn on-the-fly burn a compressed image?
  4. Argh, I read the readme, then I read the and search the forums, and the answer is in front of me all this time. Thanks for building this awesome program.
  5. Greetings, I have a question regarding the /settings switch. I plan on using the program on my flash drive, so I'm using the switch as follows: imgburn.exe /SETTINGS settings.ini /PORTABLE I noticed that on a different machine it created a folder in the documents and settings folder with the same name as the computer imburn was originally installed on, so I prevented this by changing the folders which it saves the logs and such to. My question is this: Are the paths in the settings.ini file relative or static? For example, let's say I take this line: SOUNDS_SuccessSoundFileName=I:\ImgBurn\Sounds\Success.wav and shorten it to this: SOUNDS_SuccessSoundFileName=Sounds\Success.wav Does ImgBurn look for the sounds directory as starting from where the ImgBurn.exe file is located? Or does this sort of operation simply not work at all? The reason I'm asking is that I would like to set the flash drive as the location where files get saved to, but I can set a specific drive letter that the program is writing to, the drive letter may change on a different PC.
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