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  1. What OS are you running?


    Is there anything 'odd' about it? (and by 'odd', I mean something that might make it different to my standard XP Pro English version)


    If it's XP, are you No SP, SP1, SP2 or SP3 ?


    It would be weird for tooltips to be there in other programs but not ImgBurn. You really can't get a tooltip up on *any* button/picture?


    I'm running german Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3. Nothing "odd" about it I think. At least I dind't use nLite or something like this to remove contents and services from my installation CD ...


    And no, I can't get any tooltips to show up in ImgBurn - no matter how long a leave the mouse on a button. In all other applications (Windows Media Player, WinRAR, VLC, Foobar2000, Firefox - just to name a few), tooltips are shown properly.

  2. Import this reg file to enable tooltips justinfo.reg


    Or this one to set explorer advanced settings to same as mine my_advanced_explorer_settings.reg



    Thanks! But it's not the "ShowInfoTip". No change (of course I logged of from Windows and on again to be sure). Then I thought it might be the "EnableBallonTips" entry. Also no change.


    And then I had another idea. In tweakUI I had "Enable mouse hot tracking effects" disabled, but still no tooltips in ImgBurn if I enable those. I don't know ...

  3. There ARE tooltips for all buttons in all 5 modes ( just tried them all myself). theres even tooltips in the EZ Mode Picker window.


    Youa re using the current version arnt you ? v


    Yes, I'm using Is there any option I've disabled maybe?

  4. And there it is, READ said option and understanding it. The tooltips that are included are sufficient for most and If you are a more advanced user


    That's the problem. I don't get tooltips here. If I hover a button (say any if the small buttons in writer mode) nothing happens. So are there any or are there no tooltips? I'm confused now.

  5. Sorry, but that's not right. I'm think I can say that I have a bit more knowledge about computers than the average user.


    Still, icons and buttons without any description can be a pain in the ass. I wanna be sure which function I will trigger before clicking anything. But at the moment it can be a speculation sometimes. Especially if you use the program just once a month or so. You always forget things.



    Why not displaying small hints in the status bar when hovering button with the mouse? Shouldn't be too hard to implement I guess.

  6. Hello!


    I'm pretty new to ImgBurn and always ask myself which function all the little buttons have. Is there an option to enable tooltip help when hovering them with the mouse or something like that?



    No help in there but only those "Funny Quotes"?




  7. These progress bars are all green, maybe it could be a good idea to let users choose a different color for each progress bar.


    Example :

    Complete - GREEN

    Device Buffer - RED

    Buffer - ORANGE


    Obviously this feature should be optional.



    What I would find even more useful: If they were not all the same size. Some meters away from your monitor you don't know if the upper one is the "Complete" one for example.




    So my suggestion:


    Complete -> large bar as it is now

    Device Buffer -> small bar

    Buffer -> small bar too

  8. One thing I don't really like in ImgBurn: The "Cancel" button next to the progress bar. I mean that's the same icon as the "Shutdown" icon in XP's start menu. Bit confusing IMO.


    Why not a simple button which says "Cancel" or "Abort"?

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