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  1. Is a higher or lower padding number desired, or doesnt it really matter?
  2. LUK are you really working on adding this to IMGBurn? That would be that cats A$$!
  3. Dorttocs

    LG Firmwares?

    Not sure about your specific drives, but the Dangerous Bros. just hooked us LG GSA-4167B users with a riplock free firmware that works great. Maybe you could try them. They were pretty quick too. http://forum.rpc1.org/viewforum.php?f=12
  4. Dorttocs


    I was just curious... Does LUK do this as a side project and have a 9-5, or is this a full time gig? I am very grateful for the awesome free stuff that is out there. The firmware from the Dangerous Bros. is another prime example. It seems like these guys/gals and the testers spend so much time on this, I wonder how they do it. Just a big thanks to all who work so hard for the benefit of others!
  5. I have had a couple of DVD burners now, and they didnt seem to live that long. My recent burner was a Sony DRU-710A. It lasted about 1 year(right after the warranty expired ) and about 400 burns. Is that bout average? I now have an LG 4167B...hoping it will last a little longer. The prices are so good on new burners, that I dont get to bent out of shape when it comes to buying a new one.
  6. My new LG GSA-4167B will only rip at around 4X. Is there a way to change/fix that?
  7. I heard the number of around 5 Years. I realize all media are made of different qualities. I am currently using Verbatim media. Do I need to worry about re-burning my movies after 5 years?
  8. What is Scanning used for? Is that done after a burn, like a verify?
  9. I had a post removed a couple of months ago, but yesterday I replied to this topic as to the burner I ended up buying(LG GSA 4167B OEM) and if anybody had any comments/experience with that particular burner.
  10. Why are some of the replies missing from this post that were here yesterday, including one that I made?
  11. I have been using a Sony DRU-710A and I think it died on me today. The drive worked well while it lasted. I have read reviews that Sony drives are not all that great. Can anyone recommend a good affordable DL Burner? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  12. *Quick Update* Used the EEPROM setting and the physical format did record the DVD-ROM book type. Thank You!!
  13. I did not try the the EEPROM setting before I burned my last DVD, so I will see what happens when I have my next DVD to burn. The previous DVD did play on all of my home DVD players, so either way I guess I am OK. I will keep ya posted. Thanks for the help!
  14. I tried using the Lite-On setting, but it still says DVD+R DL
  15. I have a Sony DRU-710A and tried the Memorex DVD+R DL, made all coasters. Just bought some Verbatim DVD+R DL and success on the first try!
  16. Is there a way to change the Book Type setting for my Sony DRU-710A?
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