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  1. Hi, I started a full format before I saw your last reply Lightning. I'm guessing I should let it finish so after that I'll try the firmware update. I got the zip file you showed (Thanks.) I hope that is self explanatory because I have no idea how to do that. Then I'll try to burn again and post the log if there are any other issues. Thanks. Cheers.
  2. Hi. I'm not sure if I've done a format on this new disk. ImgBrn did an erase on it. Edit: I couldn't find how to format it but I was looking at the wrong drive letter. I found the right drive letter and started a full format with Drag to Disk before I saw you replied again, Lightning.
  3. Got the following error w/ a brand new DVD+RW. Prior to that, I tried burning the same file to the same disk on a NEC2005A burner on the same computer. It said the disk needed to be formated and I let ImgBrn do it. It said it was erasing and then it couldn't see the disk or something. The file is from DVDRB Pro which was set to no ISO burn direct to disk. That burn onto a previously used DVD+RW had problems so I was trying to redo it on a brand new disk. I don't know what's going on.
  4. What's the difference between Write Mode and Build Mode? Where is each used? I usually just use whichever one ImgBrn accepts and things work out, but I would like to understand the difference rather then just guessing and fiddling with it.
  5. Hi lf, I'll check out your tests and DVDInfoPro settings. I did one complete test and it was running up to 93.x% until towards the end when I got a spike in the bottom graph and it finished at 89.x % I don't know if I used the correct settings though. I'm interested now in how I can expect the backups I've already made to hold up so I'm going to do some more tests after I check the settings. I have a Lite-On SHM-165H6S. If you want to see the results or anything, let me know. (+ let me know if they're are any particular proceedures you're interested in.) I have made 13 movie backups so far with this media and they've been playing good on my relatively new Phillips 5140 but only one has played on my older Panasonic S35. That's originally what got me concerned and got me started looking into it.
  6. Hi polopony, Unfortunately from most of what I've been reading, I already bought a 25 spindle of Memorex +R DL and have used about half of them already for backing up movies. I got them at Newegg a couple of weeks ago because they were selling for the best price and because of the Brand Recognition for the Memorex Brand. I hope I they weren't a big waste of time and money. They're working for now on one of my players. By the way, I just checked back at NewEgg and they're having a special on Verbatim +R DL: a spindle of 20 for $34 + $5 S/H but they come with a $10 mail in rebate making them only $1.50/disk if you don't mind the MIR hassle. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817130008
  7. How does one run a PIPO test on some DVD media? I have DVDInfoPro. What are the tests and test settings? How does one start a thread on some media that is not covered now? To wit: Memorex DVD +R DL. How does one save the screenshot as a DNL. The program Snapshot didn't give me that option.
  8. When burning to a DVD RW, does it matter if the disk has something written on it? Is it better to format the disk before burning or does ImgBrn take care of that fine? In particular, my interest is in using ImgBrn with DVD Rebuilder Pro and DVDShrink.
  9. Happy Birthday Lightning UK. It's O209 hrs EST where I am but I just saw this and it's still your Birthday in the Pacific Time Zone. Wishes for Good luck and success. PS: This is my first post. PPS: I just made a donation to you about a half hour ago. I didn't realize it was your birthday at the time, but since I just found out, I hope it brings you Birthday as well as General Cheer.
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