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  1. What is the best way to find out what speeds my DVD writers will record at? In ImgBurn it just shows up every possible speed. Both my DVD writers are Writemasters. One is DL and one is not.
  2. It says 8 cents a disc though on the site.
  3. I'm new to understanding DVD quality and did a lot of reading last night in the DVD section and then checked out that sit with all the disc IDs and whatnot. I also seen a link to blankmedia.ca and checked it out. Well they're selling 25 packs of Verbatim DVD-R's for $2. Is there a catch or something I'm just missing? Is it just because it is a slow burn speed? I emailed them about the disc ID and they replied and said they may be CMC or MCC.
  4. I'm an idiot. I burned it in 6X after I posted just to check and it burned fine. I'm now trying to reinstall it Leopard and all I'm getting when I tell it to boot is the apple and the loading circle thing. Uggg. Anyway, thanks for the help guys.
  5. I've looked through the guides and searched for the past half hour to no avail so I apologize if I'm just missing the answer to my question. Well I'm trying to burn my backed up copy of Leopard for my girlfriend because while trying to install XP with bootcamp it messed everything up. As soon as XP was installed and I restarted all I got was "Press any key to boot from disk; Disk Error". And the windows cd wouldn't eject so I ended up having to completely dissasemble her Macbook and manually removing it from the CD drive. Anyway, about the burning. My leopard file was a .DMG so I had to find a way to convert it. I downloaded a program called UltraISO (well, this was the 4th program I tried actually) and converted the DMG file to an ISO. Then downloaded ImgBurn and burned leopard. The discs I am using are Memorex 8X DVD+R DL. My girlfriend bought them so they're not Verbatim and after reading a lot of threads on here that could be my problem. Anyway, so I burn leopard and 9% into the burning process I get an error and the disc is done for. Being the genius that I am I closed the program so I don't have the error log. I didn't try to reburn it yet because as my girlfriends keeps reminding me the discs are expensive. Anyone have any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? It's my first time using ImgBurn so did I miss a step I'm supposed to do for ISOs? I just selected the file and hit burn. The write speed was set to 32X. Should I have set it to 8X? That seems logical now that I type it out. The info for the DVD is Disc Information: Status: Empty Erasable: No Free Sectors: 4,173,824 Free Space: 8,547,991,552 bytes Free Time: 927:32:74 (MM:SS:FF) Supported Write Speeds: 4x, 6x, 8x DVD
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