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  1. Sorry for the lateness of my reply to this. The screenshot of said registry entry is posted below, if that is still necessary. Thanks for the help fellas, is there some other and more convenient method to avoid this, or will it be changed in a release?
  2. Please excuse me if there is any oversight on my part regarding this configuration. I first launched ImgBurn with the portable and no settings switches which worked great, but every time the program is run thereafter, it produces an entry in the registry under HKCU\Software (OS is Vista Home Premium SP1). Granted it is not a showstopper, but it would be nice to have as clean of a registry as possible. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to tackle this issue and especially to Lightning for this amazing program. There should be a Nobel prize or something like that for this.
  3. Could someone explain to me why this isn't a concern? I posted this five days ago, and surely it's been up there for much, much longer. Every time you make a profit off adds, you're losing market share to this express burn software! It's stupid I tell you!
  4. Yeah, so you go to http://imgburn.com/ and there are these two HUGE ads to some other burning client. You really ought to exclude those guys from your adsense account, or at least make it more apparent that those links are not what people are looking for.
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