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  1. No DB.


    It matters not at for SL disks.


    PTP means layer 0 is read from inside out and then layer 1 is read the same way.


    OTP means layer 0 is read from inside to outside then layer 1 is read back from the outside to the middle of the disk (minimising the time for the layer break)


    The direction of spin doesn't change.


    More info: http://www.dvdburning.biz/terms/opposite-track-path-otp.htm





  2. It's not set in that mode - it's actually made that way. You can't set it and unset it.


    L0>L1 (I think = is not compliant, LUK! may have a different view)

    Break must be at a cell boundary


    Reading a file, it will just read the sectors in order, same as always, yes.



  3. The Image PgcEdit spits out is also not specifically aimed at OTP or PTP discs, it's just an image that has Layer 0 smaller than or equal to the size of Layer 1.
    Slight typo?


    L0 > L1 :)


    And I'm wondering where all these PTP writables are, too - I haven't seen any on the market.


    In any event pennyman, it would be impossible to have even the semblence of a seamless break in a PTP - it would be many times worse than in the regular OTP disks.



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