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  1. @LUK!


    I have an LG and it's the one bugbear I have that it does not do PI/PIF/Jitter testing. Do you know of any tools that can make this drive do these tests?


    Or do I have to buy a Lite On (yecch) just for this?



  2. @jack - not touching it, except I just gave you a whole lotta points - so stop yer fuckin whinging. Bloody Whingin Pommies.


    Glad to see everyone's here.


    @kev - Firey's been around but not much on the forums after she posted those funny pix. I don't think she'll be bothered to register here; she likes clinks. :)


    @LFC - Firey and I have lives too - having tunza fun :thumbup::whistling:=))



  3. Don't really understand why clinks is quick & this is slow. Like they are both UK hosted with about the same traffic. But who knows what different routes they are taking?


    Maybe I'll do a tracert and see.



  4. Maybe it's a hoax. :'(


    Hey Light - I hope ur the real LUK! :&


    Well, actually, I don't care, but I do hope the real LUK! got my donation =))=))=))



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