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  1. Gee, the button's the biggest one there!


    And resetting your project settings on each restart is the same as resetting the defaults for the program.



  2. Anyway, it seems jlowe48 has developed ciso for HIS purposes.


    The CISO (Compact ISO) format exists because:


    1. ...


    2. The existing enhanced image formats were missing features I needed for SMX, self mounting executables


    And ImgBurn has been written because that's the stuff LUK wants in HIS program.


    I tend to add what I have a use for.


    I have no use for .CISO support, nor any other compressed format.


    Be kind enough to recognise that rick and move on.



  3. Give it up rick - how bloody hard is it to decompress a file once in a while? And if it is hard, don't save in that format anyway. I mean saving 80Gb (40 games x 2 Gb) can't be high on the agenda in these days, can it?


    Don't bother answering - just give it up.



  4. or if you want something not so expensive: Philips or Memorex.

    Don't be tempted - go for the Verbatims.


    And next time:


    1. Include your log

    2. Read the FAQ and guides



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