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  1. Dpends what you wanna use it for. Get a USB stick instead - they're faster and won't suffer the same degradation as a DVD RAM disc (and gee, those DVDRAMs are expensive discs).



  2. @joncky


    LUK! is diligent - he reads every thread on this forum and replies if he feels he wants to.


    He may be able to stop the particular site you refer to from ripping people off, but what's to say that 3 (or 30) more like it won't spring up tomorrow?


    Anyway, if he wishes to, he'll respond to you.



  3. Yeah - maybe a few of them work. DUDE. But, if he changes to Taiyo Yuden or Verbatims, and assuming the drive is OK, almost all of them will work. It's the difference between a hit and miss approach and peace of mind that a burn will work.


    We go thru this every now and then with nebies and wannabees. The number 1 rule here is USE GOOD MEDIA..


    Now, stop arguing and get with the program. I can see that you wanna help. But trying to help a guy by ignoring the primary issue is not helping at all.



  4. LOL DVDFever. You are too bloody stupid to understand that ImgBurn is not a ripper. Never will be.


    And too bloody selfish to be sensitive to the past issues - if you weren't so selfish, you would never even mention the previous program on this forum.


    Time for you to vanish into the ether but not before I can divine how much you have donated - NIL! You're just selfish. Now piss off.



  5. All this cross flashing bullshit has little to do with the issue - he is using some of the crappiest media around.


    Get better blanks!!!! Use Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim only.


    As well, your PC is being overused while burning (the buffers need to recover). This is not good practice, especially with shitty media.


    And upgrade ImgBurn like mmalves says.



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