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  1. I just watched A Scanner Darkly the other day and thought it was very amusing...I am a bit biased as I personally thing Woody and Robert Downey are two of the most talented actors around.

  2. @crooner


    What you have on your desktop was a special release of DVD Shrink that looked for Imgburn instead of DVDD when it came time to burn...this has since been pulled from the supporting site, but may still be available via google search.

  3. Luckily for you they actually have some pretty good doctors in that state too.


    I agree with Loco Kirk, when they stop chasing their sisters around the bedroom they practice pretty good medicine.......=))=))=))




    :D No hillbilly jokes please :horse:

  4. Course you don't fella :wink: It's only sold by that fella in the hoodie with a blue Clio, goes by the name of "Lighting UK!" Bwahahahahahahaha =))


    Yeah that's a different fella all together...to bad he's making money off LUK's good name. :pirate:

  5. I wish you all the best Kirk. I'm from the Bluegrass state as well. I haven't lived there in 30 years but most all of my family is still there. Luckily for you they actually have some pretty good doctors in that state too.

  6. Avi what Avi? Oh yeah is that kind of thing allowed? Might be a bit much for some of the old timers here... :D


    Loco a newbie :lol:



    I definitely don't want to give anyone a heart attack or stroke...please let me know if anyone suffers any undesired effects, such as palpatations or seizures and I'll find a more suitable AV.


    I just realized I've been a member here for a while but have never made a post.

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