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  1. hi sorry i wanted to say cd , the freeware can burn only cd i raw hi ,this works for every nation , i mean develop a software that burn dvd in raw? i remember a software that had to move in another nation to continue to live thanks
  2. hi may i know from where does it come this warning ? i mean have you a screenshot or can you post from where does it come /appear? and may i ask you about what rookkit have you used? well it's off topic but avast does consider this forum "pishing" i wanted to report here and i have reported to avast ,just because it's a false alarm thanks
  3. hi i wanted to burn a dvd iso in raw mode and sadly imgburn my favorite can't do it so i have used CARBON CD 1.0.2 , it's free and portable hope it can help you cheers
  4. hi ok , thanks for the answer in the list http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/topic/5555-how-to-write-an-audio-cd-from-music-files-using-imgburn/&do=findComment&comment=91374 there is a list of directshow and acm decoder but should i install all of them to use all of them , or is there a pack that can support all of them in short is better install the codec seperatly or a pack about APE - Monkey's Audio , there is not a separate directshow or acm but the program and by the way are they safe? i mean no virus thanks best regards
  5. hi imgburn is a real gem , just a question , is hard to add decoders seeing imgburn was updated in 2013 or add new feautes honestly it's the best burn software take care and thanks for the answer
  6. Hi i really love imgburn , but sometime i have to burn audio cd and mostly audio files are flac , mp4 or opus there are open source decoders , would be amazing if imgburn could burn audio cd from several audio source and not only from mp3 thanks
  7. hi just a silly question , as I understood imgburn can burn all the flags but do they dvd or blue ray burners really write these flags ? thanks
  8. hi thanks i would like to bookmark this i will test it and post it thanks again really appreciate it a lot
  9. hi i will try again using imgburn slow speed burn+verify operations and i will add ISRC, EAN/UPC & pre-emphasis to the cue may i ask a question is there a way to add "copy protection" flag to the cue? the only cd that work are burned with nero 6 or 7 or 8 , and if i'm remember right it flags songs when i ripped with this flag thanks ps i will never use nero again
  10. hi somebody has delete my question #1 well i wanted to ask a question i can 't play my burnded cd on my original bmw cd player i have tried to burn at the slower speed and i have used several cd brands i would like to know if there are some tips to edit imgburn to burn an audio cd and play on my audio car player i don't like nero (it was a old nero version i guess 8 or 9 ) and i don't want to use anymore ,but a verbatim cd burned with nero worked , i guess maybe because nero added the "copy protection" flag and other flags like ISRC, EAN/UPC & pre-emphasis i have tried anyburn but it doesn't work too imgburn audio cd work great everywhere outside some car original cd player my question is if there some tips to burn an audio cd , a compilation and test it with this settings or tips thanks
  11. hi i have burned with nero and it worked with verbatin i would like to burn with imgburn by the way is there a cue sheet editor free? ps i can read my question ? why? thanks
  12. hi can imgburn copy DTS Music Disc ? do i need a ripper to grab the audio or can i use imgburn to copy the disk ? should i enable some settings ? i mean for write an image to disk , and burn an image thanks
  13. hi ok but i want to burn mp4 video or other format , i guess i need to tool to convert them No, you don't. Just export from Adobe Media Encoder or directly from Premiere Pro to MP4 or whatever you want. You only need Encore to make a DVD compliant file, in which case you would export as DVD mpeg-2 and then bring it into Encore to author it. hi thanks Peru should i fnd an encore alternative , because under w10 is no stable
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