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  1. Hey LUK, Just an FYI for you in case no one has told you but your most recent update appears to have resolved the "Program Memory Area Update Failure" error on the Lite On burners. I've burned several new disc and even went back and burned some I knew gave that error and haven't received it since the update. Thanks LUK! MrWizard Tried with the size posted in post #17 that failed on the Samsung SH-S202N and no failure with my SH-S223F.
  2. Understood LUK, I just didn't know if the second W 20:07:24 Finalise Disc Failed! - Reason: Program Memory Area Update Failure in it's place had any significance or not.
  3. Hey LUK, I may have come onto something that might help, in my log files when the error occurs I get a line that says W 19:56:58 Potential 'WaitImmediateIO' Deferred Error - (99%, 0/3) - Program Memory Area Update Failure right after the Finalising Disc message displays. I noticed under settings, in the I/O tab there is an option to turn off Immediate I/O, so I checked it and burned one of the images that was exhibiting the issue, still got the finalise disc error message which I had to click continue to but the log file didn't show that line. Instead it showed another W 19:57:06 Finalise Disc Failed! - Reason: Program Memory Area Update Failure So with the "turn off Immediate I/O" optioned checked in options, my log read as follows: I 20:07:08 Finalising Disc... W 20:07:24 Finalise Disc Failed! - Reason: Program Memory Area Update Failure <- with the "turn off Immediate I/O" unchecked this line read the same as above W 20:08:25 Finalise Disc Failed! - Reason: Program Memory Area Update Failure E 20:08:25 Failed to Write Image! Not sure if this will help but thought I'd note it.
  4. Thanks for your time LUK, if there is anything I can provide for you just let me know
  5. No, on the contrary, with those settings set that way, the disc does work properly but if I'm burning 12 discs in a que, I have to sit there and click the error message to continue then click No to the "Do you want to try burning this disc again" message since Image Burn thinks the burn was a failure because the recorder reported it when in fact it really didn't fail, it works fine. So perhaps an auto continue on the error message and timed auto OK on the repeat burn message, controlled by a setting in preferences would be something worth thinking about ? Cheers
  6. Are you trying to say that ImgBurn shouldn't be relaying the error that the drive has returned? Obviously that's a bit of a crappy idea and won't ever happen! If the drive reports that there has been a problem then I have (ImgBurn has) a duty to the user to actually report it. You're lucky that the disc can still be played even though the drive has said there's a problem at the end with finalising it. Not all drives / errors there would still give you a working disc. btw, I'm sure that if you click the box to the right of the finalise disc auto retry one then ImgBurn will ignore the failure and still go on to verify the disc. (i.e. you won't have to click the error box) No, I wouldn't suggest that the error shouldn't be reported and you are correct, if I click the box next to finalise disc auto retry Imgburn does go on to verify but then the disc bombs out in the player. A middle of the road solution might be a 3 second delay auto continue on the error message with an auto NO response after that for the "do you want to try to burn this disc again" message under those circumstances ? Then you could put an option box in settings to turn those auto continue features on or off leaving it to the user's preference. Food for thought ?
  7. You can change everything in your computer and in the rest of the world, but if you encounter an image that have x sectors in size, it will never burn without errors with a Lite-On. x sectors = that amount of sectors that Lite-Ons don't like. As an experiment I took the amount of sectors (1,920,720) that was posted in post #20 and created a dummy image. Guess what - it failed.
  8. Found out you were right, of course you know ;-) but we'll call it a smoke & mirrors dead end because it works! Took the check out of DVD +R Finalise Disc (Minimal Radius) (*) and Finalise Disc - Auto Retry under the Write Tab in settings, burned a couple images I couldn't before and although Image Burn tried to finalize and gave me the below errors, the disc still plays on both the PC and the Player, excellent, even though I have to click through the error and no to the retry the image, it's still better than using DeepBurner, bit of an annoyance but the other features of Image Burn outweigh the annoyance. Still would like to know what changed, used to be able to burn without problems; probably one of those OS security updates or something. When I get time I'll investigate, if I find it I'll post it. Thanks again! I 19:56:44 Finalising Disc... W 19:56:58 Potential 'WaitImmediateIO' Deferred Error - (99%, 0/3) - Program Memory Area Update Failure W 19:56:58 Finalise Disc Failed! - Reason: Program Memory Area Update Failure W 19:57:06 Finalise Disc Failed! - Reason: Program Memory Area Update Failure (Who Cares it Plays) E 19:57:06 Failed to Write Image! (Not really, smoke and mirror message) I 19:57:06 Exporting Graph Data... I 19:57:06 Export Successfully Completed! E 19:57:06 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:05:22
  9. The drives only mess up when you finalise the disc. Hummm, Thanks LUK and Cynthia. That is something I didn't try (Turn off the Finalize Option) I'm going to try that and I'll post back and let you know. Thanks Again, thought I was at a dead end, now at least I have Hope
  10. I disagree. I have burned dozens of DVD's on my burners without incident. Also reporting an error or not doesn't mean didly, the proof is in the pudding. I burn an image using image burn, it reports the error, I let it retry, it finishes, I put the finished DVD in my stand alone player and get the message "Unsupported Format" yet it will play from my PC; I burn the same image using DeepBurner, it doesn't report the error (if there really is one using DeepBurner), I put the DVD in my stand alone player and it plays just fine; also plays on PC just fine. So, as I said, the proof is in the pudding. I've been burning images a long time and am aware of image size reduction. Most ripping programs worth their salt do this for you automatically. My background includes 15+ years of computer support and if there's one thing I've learned, you believe what you experience and see work vs what your told is supposed to work. The majority of the time it's a Microsoft feature causing the problem and it may very well be in this case, all I know is that Image Burn has started giving me these errors (never used to for years) and the finished discs won't play in a stand alone player. Same image using DeepBurner does. Believe me, I wish I could figure it out because I'd rather use Image Burn.
  11. Sorry Lightning UK, just getting used to the tools on this site for posting, my first post was an accident. I did post again though and yes I'm getting the same error. I also tried downgrading my image burn program back to 2.0 thinking that maybe it was something with the most recent version but that didn't work either, sure wish I could figure it out because I'd much rather use Image Burn than DeepBurner........
  12. I have been having the same issue and have done extensive troubleshooting: upgrading firmware, validating media, validating system settings etc. I have 2 Lite-ON IHAS220-08 SuperAllwrite SATA internal drives. I believe I have narrowed the issue down to a problem with the Image Burn program. After updating my firmware I was still receiving the "program memory area update failure" message during the "Finalizing Disc" part of the burn. Tried the same image using DeepBurner and it burned just fine. If you let Image Burn repeat the Finalize Disc first try failure, it will successfully finish the disc but that disk will only play on your PC, you will get the message "Unsupported Format" if you try to play it in a regular DVD player. This was not the case after I burned the image with Deepburner. Now, one could point the finger at the media, however, I use Verbatim, have for some time, never had issues before and I'm seeing a lot of posts on this subject recently so we have 2 questions: 1. Are various DVD manufacturers suddenly supplying bad media to many different geographical areas ? or 2. Is there a problem with the Image Burn program ? I tend to lean toward the common denominator which in this case is the Image Burn Program. Bummer to because it was the best I had run across.
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