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  1. weird, just to know, have you installed the lastest firmware for your burner? http://www.firmwarehq.com/LG/BH10LS30/files.html
  2. try to update your drive's firmware is there's one for it http://www.firmwarehq.com/ .
  3. yepp, thats why i dont run AV's anymore. been 2 years already at least... too much problems and conflicts and not cutting it anymore,,, i protect my PC's using ==> Fortres Grand CLean SLate MalWare free ever since!
  4. its been asked many many times over the years now... Just create an ISO of your disc and then Burn it. Imgburn also gives lazy people the ability to queue their created ISO and then also delete it after the burning is completed!!
  5. CheckMark add to write queue when done the option is located under "read speed" bottom right u can also press CTRL + SHIFT + P to go back to main menu missing anything else?
  6. imgburn is already pĂ´rtable...
  7. may i know why so? http://shayanth.blogspot.com/2009/01/how-to-change-firefox-profile-folder.html
  8. im puzzled as to why it doesnt work for you. i showed u the pics, it does work.
  9. Virtual Clone Drive or DVDFab Virtual Drive both have context menu handlers to mount images like you want. and they actually work right no issues. i tried with latest FIREFOX BETA, after installing it and launching it for the 1st time, COMODO successfully asked me to ALLOW or DENY internet access. not sure why it doesn't work for you, you must be doing something wrongly
  10. i never use alcohol 52%... i dont like the SPTD driver it installs on PC's.. i use Virtual Clone drive!! http://forums.comodo.com/defense-sandbox-help-cis/defense-causes-problems-with-alcohol-120-resolved-t62745.0.html;msg443849#msg443849 and its not about defense + dbminter! i said, set COMODO's FIREWALL SECURITY LEVEL to --> CUSTOM POLICY not DEFENSE+'s policy.... and actually, i even disable DEFENSE+ completely.. too much windows pop up when its on ive been using COMODO for like ALL my life, it never bugged on me and it always asked which apps can or can not access the web. lets try this, send me the app that comodo failed to block it from accessing the web.
  11. yeah, im afraid too,,, but everything goes tablet these days... its an inconvenient reality,,
  12. yes, thats exactly what i use, works mint for me
  13. you should as i confirm you thats what it does, it ensures to ask the user if an app should access the INTERNET or not... its flawless
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