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  1. ALL Retail DVD's are pretty much DVD9 (dual layers)


    you got 2 choices


    #1- Use a DVD9 empty media and then burn your movie


    #2- Use a DVD5 empty media and use DVDShrink to shrink your DVD9 into a DVD5 (single layer) then burn it

  2. first thing first,




    got to -> MODE -> WRITE


    then go to -> TOOLS -> DRIVE -> CAPABILITIES


    now post a screenshot in here... should look like this






    Philips DVD8631 is actually a BenQ 1620 OEM.

    It seems that there was a bad batch made and ended up in many Dell systems.

    Maybe thats your case if you have a DELL system...


    You have a few options to attempt to fix your problem.


    You could try flashing with the latest firmware available.


    If its a Dell, you could call and complain and they will send you a new drive...ask for an NEC


    You could try to crossflash your drive to a BenQ 1620 and use the latest BenQ firmware.

    This will void any warranty tho, so do this only if you have exhausted all other avenues of resolution.

  3. I never needed to MULTISESSION...


    when i burn a DVD, i usually put everything i can on it anyways.... i use max space!


    If i ever need to put stuff now and more later,

    i use a USB stick just for that as its way more convenient....

    not to mention, a 8GB USB Stick can be found for cheap money these days...

    so i got more space than on a DVD5....


    personnaly, i dont think DVD's should be used as USB Sticks...


    but maybe thats just me...

  4. to make a DATA backup DVD, choose this option






    then by default, ImgBurn sets in the appropriate file system so u dont need to worry about it






    So now here, where you see JOLIET, type in a name for you DVD






    then when you'll insert your new burned DATA backup DVD in your DVD-Rom, you'll see its name here



  5. With ImgBurn as it is now, no.


    The reason being, I'd only add CLI support for burning an Audio CD when that feature has it's own mode - i.e. gets implemented properly rather than piggy backing the 'Create CD CUE File' feature.


    Don't ask when that'll be done because I have no idea!



  6. Because there's no way to bring up the 'Create CD CUE File' window.


    This of course assumes I make no changes to the program in order to direct files passed via CLI to that window.




    would a change be eventually considered?



  7. You might be lucky enough to get the code for it - which you can then tweak to add the other things you wanted (except number 2 is impossible).



    #2. when i right-click on AUDIO FILES i could choose:

    --> "Create CD CUE File" (if i want to create a AUDIO CD disc)

    --> "Write Files/Folders to Disc" (if i want to create a MP3 disc)


    why is it impossible?


  8. Oh and number 2 can already be done by a 3rd party dll.





    yes but i would prefer not to use 3rd party stuff....

    no that its not good, but would like these options built-in!


    Also that DVD-Video Shell EXT,

    once clicked on,

    it automatically burns the disc without prompting for a desired speed...

    which i really don't like....


    but maybe thats just me :whistling:

  9. i know you can choose "Burn using imgburn" from the context menu

    when right-clicking on an Image file but

    i suggest these:



    #1. when i right-click on FILES/FOLDERS i could choose:

    --> "Write Files/Folders to Disc"

    --> "Create Image File from Files/Folders"


    #2. when i right-click on AUDIO FILES i could choose:

    --> "Create CD CUE File" (if i want to create a AUDIO CD disc)

    --> "Write Files/Folders to Disc" (if i want to create a MP3 disc)


    #3. when i right-click on a VIDEO_TS FOLDER i could choose:

    --> "Write Files/Folders to Disc" (but ImgBurn would also automatically put the File System to ISO9660+ UDF)


    #4. when i right-click on my CD/DVD-ROM drive i could choose:

    --> "Create Image File from Disc"

    --> "Verify Disc"


    #5. when i right-click on an IMAGE FILE it would say:

    --> "Write Image File to Disc"



    This would immensely improve the user's experience when using ImgBurn thats for sure!

    it would the very first burning app to have these amazing feature!

    Good idea?




  10. If this can help a little bit ;)





    You can't check it in read mode unless you've already burnt the image or mount it in a virtual drive.


    oh, but, hold on, if i mount the image, then i do what to see if its bootable?

  11. Okay, I got it now, thanks :)


    i haven't had any luck with SUBS + AVI using my home DVD Player...


    What i do now is use a software called ConvertXtoDVD to convert the AVI file to DVD-Video format....

    and while doing so, i can add my SUB in there too and from there it worked!

    cuz once in DVD-Video format, any home dvd player can play it...

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