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  1. i had a problem too on my PC regarding filters because,


    i installed FFDSHOW and it kinda messed up some stuff


    regarding burning audio CD's with ImgBurn,,,


    But lets make it clear, its not ImgBurn's fault here!!


    ImgBurn did its job correctly!!


    so because of FFDSHOW, i use this audio cd creator called --> burrrn


    just google it,,, its free....

  2. Do you have DVDInfoPro downloaded / installed? ImgBurn produces these little 'IBG' files which you can open/display in DVDInfoPro.


    It shows buffer usage, cpu usage, write speed, verify speed etc all on pretty graphs. If you could show us one of those from you burning it might help.


    If you don't auto export imgburn graph data the easiest way to show it in dvdinfopro is to click the little disc + information speech bubble just below the 'destination' box on the front screen.

    Or you can click 'File' -> 'Display Graph Data using DVDInfoPro'.

  3. yes i know that. what about +r or - r.

    i use DVD5-R for everything....

    only use DVD9+R for backing up dual layer Games or full DVD movies....


    if verbatim are so good, why are they less expensive than the tdk ones i have?

    dont ask me,,, ask Verbatim dude


    and how do i know that i'm getting the proper verbatim (ie. what country they are made in)

    check the media code... it needs to be either

    Dye: MKM-001-00, Write Speed: 2.4x

    Dye: MKM-003-00, Write Speed: 8x


    and where does one find taiyo yuden in the usa? in)





  4. If you receive the "Power calibration error"error message,

    the cause will be either poor media, poor power, or a defective recorder.



    Please try the following solutions:


    Update the firmware of your recorder.

    Try another brand media. Verbatim is best for Xbox360 games your backing up

    Try different power connectors, and for recorders, do not share power with other devices.

    It needs its own power connector.

    Try different configurations, have the recorder connected to the secondary IDE bus as master.

    Send the recorder in for service.

  5. Ignition is a CD/DVD burning optimizer.

    It helps you saving space on your media by optimizing the way files are placed on the CDs/DVDs of your set.

    For example if your backup fits on 3-4 CDs, a manual files organazation might lead on a 4th with only 10 Mb

    of data when a better organization would have only required 3 CDs.

    Thanks to Ignition, you'll save medias, time and money.


    Ignition features ...


    * Support 650,700 Mb CDs, HD Burn CDs and DVDs (even Dual Layer DVDs)

    * Ability to create ISO images (requires CopyToDVD)

    * Automatically create folders for each optimized CD or create a TXT file that contains the optimized list of each CD's content.

    * Ability to put a bunch of files on every media (autorun, codecs...)

    * Ability to burn CDs/DVDs (requires CopyToDVD)

    * Internationalization support.





    ---> is this worth it??? :blink:

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