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  1. bulajap


    When there is a new version of Imgburn available should the current version installed on the computer be uninstalled first? Also. will Imgburn run in Windows 7 64 bit? thank you
  2. I just tried upgrading to the latest version... I really did not recall seeing permission to install the Ask toolbar. The Ask toolbar was added. I then went to add/remove ( windows XP) and removed the Ask toolbar. However, when I opened my browser ( IE8) my homepage had changed from the Verizon homepage to the Ask homepage). I had to do a system restore to get my homepage back. Is it just me or is the Ask toolbar being added without permission? thanks Joe
  3. bulajap


    Before installing an update for Imgburn should the previous version which is installed on the computer first be unistalled or can I just install the new version over the old? thanks
  4. After I download the Imgburn update do I need to first uninsatll the previous version or can I just install the new update OVER the exsisting version? thanks
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