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  1. hi, could you guys please help me i made a screen shot can any one help me i don't know what i'm doing wrong` DVD burner : BENQ DVD DD DW1625 BBBA (ATA) Regards, UBALL07
  2. that never came when i started to burn? what i found strange?
  3. i was starting to burn COD WOW and at like 71 % this came up (look at the attachment) Please Help
  4. Everything went well. the burningwas completed but......... as soon as i put the dvd in the xbox it starts up en then you see something like that's from the game( i got all excited en shit) and then it just froze...?? help?
  5. hi, i have tryed to look every where. i hop you guys can help me. This is my Driver: TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L632H fs03 (ATA) if i try to change my booktype i go to samsung(because i believe this is a samsung driver) than i do not seeDVD-ROM please help me this is for me to make a back up for my xbox 360 games sorry for my english i'm from holland kind regards
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