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  1. Can you add ability to backup entire disk drives? Hardisks? We could use the ability to backup a harddisk to ISO. Very EZ to backup & restore with ISO containers! I envisioned perhaps a simpler scenario wherein IMG Burn has 2 buttons... _____________________________________________________ Read Image | Write Image _____________________________________________________ After user clicks read, the are given 3 options... CD-DVD | File-Folder | Harddisk _____________________________________________________ After user clicks write, then are given 3 options... CD-DVD | File-Folder | Harddisk _____________________________________________________ Is there a way to + this support? I'd love an easier way to do a full system backup & restore without having to rely on unreliable backup methods that are hard to use, crash, ask too many questions, or don't do a full backup! Can you add the suppport for backing up harddisks? Your program is so simple, it just works, and it would make backup a snap! Thank you! You rock!
  2. I love imgburn a lot. But I hate having to pull out Infra-Recorder just to burn an audio disk, & even then it doesn't rip an audio cd! So, why can't these functions be added to IMG Burn? - Rip (Create MP3's from CD's) - Burn (Create Audio CD's from MP3's) - Clone (1 button copy) - ISO Mount & recreate (Edit ISO via mounting, then recreate) - Bootable CD/DVD/Flash drives (Create CD/DVD media that can be booted using 95/98/ME/XP/Vista/7/Ubuntu) Man, if your program had those features, it truly WOULD be just about the only burn program ever needed! Thank you!
  3. How long have you had your drive? Drives will wear out after 2 or 3 years if you use them a lot. Sometimes less time than that. 1) System Restore it back to a date everything worked 2) Try using another drive on your system to see if it works 3) If you can, do a clean install of windows. Maybe you have a virus or malware installed. Perhaps some program deleted or overwrote some critical system file? 4) Make sure you are using the latest version. They are updated to support more drives. 5) Be sure you DON'T use registry cleaners. They can take out critical system info needed to run things. So can disk cleaners. CCleaner is a good, free, safe system cleaner. But don't use the reg clean function.
  4. 1) Check device manager. Windows sometimes sets a drives DMA to PIO, which will result in a verrrrry slow burn. Reset the drive controller back to DMA & reboot. 2) It is possible your cd/dvd burner is going out. After they have been used a lot, they get "iffy", meaning sometimes they will burn, & other times they will not. 3) Check your media. If your burner is a 24x dvd writer, for example, then it may have problems writing to 8x "cheap" media. Try another cd or dvd brand. Some drives to not do as good with certain dye layers, so switching brands may help. 4) Check other burning software out, such as Infra-recorder or Nero to verify if they burn fast or slow. 5) Do a clean install of windows. You may be infested with malware or viruses, which can cause slow burns. 6) Tiger Direct has some P4 3,200 MHZ machines with 1GB DDR ram + 80 GB (7,200 rpm) harddisks & Win XP Pro w/SP3 for $303 something, which includes S/H & Taxes. Your PC may be outliving its shelflife, hobbling along on a scant P2 or P3 processor. 7) Check your mem. You may be trying to barebones your PC at 64 or 128 MB ram. You need at LEAST 512 mb for optimum performance on a system running XP or Vista. 8) Check how you are burning the disk. You may be doing something really dumb, like trying to burn direct to one drive while reading from another. It is far better to get a clean image to the harddisk first, then burn since you know if it gets a clean image to the harddisk, it will burn at max possible speed with no read errors. 9) Check your AV. Some AV products have problems with certain programs because of how they run. Disable AV solutions temporarily. 10) Boot into safe mode & see if you can burn. Booting into safemode will stop a lot of startup items that may cause problems from loading. If unable to burn, see if it will do a simulate burn. 11) I think this covers most anything that could have happened. I have used IMG Burn & it burns as fast as any commercial program does in my use. Of course, I do have a fast system that can keep up as well.
  5. I really love IMG burn, and it's simplicity to use. I wish it had a few more additions, however. It is really simple & easy to burn an image, or write an image, but could you make it possible to also be able to open an image, say, especially ISO images to add or delete files? I use ISO buster for changing files inside of an ISO, but would be so nice to not have to use an additional program. Also, could you support making a bootable cd or dvd in the future? I hate using floppy disks for setting up windows, & I had to use a different program to make the cd/dvd bootable, but it would be so nice if IMG Burn supported that! Also, can you add the ability to use the new interface, or switch to the old style that was similar to DVD Decrypter? Maybe if we can save all settings to a .ini file so we can run it portably. That is all I have for now, but I love your program. I will definitely check new versions! Dave
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