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  1. :: System: Windows XP SP3 x86 with all patches ImgBurn If someone's checking "Enable SPTI for all users" while installing on a system with a Lightscribe drive, Lightscribe system software will stop working. You'll have to reset [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] allocatecdroms back to 0 (zero) ... and better use Nero BurnRights here. Greetings, ... ::
  2. :: ImgBurn - build mode: ... klick thumb for bigger image What I'd expect inside built .iso-file with these settings? 1. "archive" attribute removed from files and folders regardless of source - you'll get: every "archive" attribute set! ** 2. "hidden" attribute untouched - that's OK. 3. "system" attribute untouched - you'll get: every "system" attribute removed (files and folders)! ** ImgBurn is removing "archive" attribute while writing the formerly built image to optical storage. I think it shouldn't happen at that time! Greetings ... ::
  3. :: ... no write offset correction yet ... ::
  4. :: ... no write offset correction yet ... ::
  5. :: Yes, this would be an absolutely awesome feature. There's no need to have a read offset correction in ImgBurn (... it's not ImgRip - it's ImgBurn ). But it would be very nice to have that manual write offset correction EAC offers. Many drives are not supported by EAC's write engine. For further reading: Offset Questions >> Exact Audio Copy OFFSETS Greetings ... ::
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