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  1. Just trying to help. Why not on-line ?, cheaper than buying from a high street shop. Steve
  2. Hi just do a google for Verbatim dvd,s there are 100,s of UK suppliers Steve
  3. Which is why I suggested removing antivirus progs and see if imgburn works then put the progs back one at a time to find which one causes the problem. The un compressed version of imgburn works OK, great but dosn't solve the main problem Steve
  4. I agree with you, I run AVG, Spybot and no problems, however I did run Mcafee and got alsorts of problems such as progs not working.
  5. Do the usual, disconnect from the net and remove all your antivirus progs, try imgburn and if it works, put the antivirus back one at a time Steve
  6. Now that is what I call silly, admitting to such illegal activities
  7. the idea to install imgburn on another computer that has a dvd drive is to prove if the problem is with the drive on YOUR computer. Also make sure that you use good disks, Verbatim or TY, a lot of cheap disks will not be written to or read by some drives
  8. Takes all sorts. IMGburn works fine for me on win XP, Vista on PC,s and laptops inc Dell machines. The only problem was down to me being not sure about a certain function Steve
  9. OK, If you have tried all I suggest, the a deeper look is needed Ccleaner nothing really it is just to make sure that you have a fairly standard OS without any add on,s.
  10. What I would do is make sure that Iam not connected to the net then remove all my antivirus stuff and Ccleaner, the see what happens if all is OK start putting the progs back one at a time until you find the one causing the problem.
  11. Make sure the path in the icon points to were the exe file is.
  12. Iam in the UK and I bought an external USB enclosure fitted with a 116, and it works fine with all the disk,s I have tried so far both CD, dvd sl and dvd dl, it cost me
  13. depends on how much you want spend, you get what you pay for Just stay clear of Lite-On
  14. I have a Pioneer 116 and it seems fine with almost any disc I throw at it
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