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  1. So far it has only been with DL media using VSO. I used the same media when I switched to SPTI and all worked great. And Patin Couffin is up-to-date. I configured DVDFab5 to use ImgBurn engine for writing now, although I seldom use DVDFab5 for burning. Thanks, you've been a great and very responsive help.
  2. Thanks Lightning UK, changing to SPTI corrected the problem. Bet that could be why I have issues sometimes with DVDFab5 on writing.
  3. Haven't checked that. I've used Patin Couffin ever since I began to use ImageBurn. While on the subject, is there a preference of SPTI over Patin Couffin and why?
  4. Occasionally I get the error "Failed to unlock volume from exclusive access. Reason: RequestExclusivity = False." Strangely this only happens with DVD+R DL media. The burn appears to be successful, but is this a bug or a setting that I've missed? Never received this error in previous version.
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