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  1. just recently sony hastaken over complete control of optiarc, contrary to your wiki info, if I find the info link I'll post it - it use to be a joint venture - not anymore...
  2. I have read the guide on booktyping, and I have used a bitsetting fw for this sony optiarc ad-7240s drive from Liggy & Lee. I am using BD Rebuilder to make dvd9 discs - and I am trying to get imgburn to not set the booktype to dvd-rom, as this is not what I've read is good for BD to DVD9 encoded disks to be read in players. So I have my bitsetting by NEC Win Flash to dvd+r dl and I have unchecked auto booktype change in Imgburn write settings, but when I use the build mode I still get a DVD-ROM booktype. What do I have to do to get it changed, the drive is a sony, not a NEC, so I don't see how I can use advanced features to set booktype - can anyone offer some help with this???
  3. Yup, in the Graph Data tab GREAT - I didn't have time to look yet - thanks... I wonder why one needs ver 1.29 for it to work, but thanks for the info - how did you find that out?? care to share...
  4. WHAT A CHANGE LOG-I'm stunned, how much should one expect from an already excellent app!!! I'll have to donate again...great work, it will take awhile to take advantage of all the changes... One question - it says it now supports opti drive control; how is it decided which is used opti or dvdinfo??? Is there an option for this in settings? thanks for the great job lightning uk...
  5. Now I know, makes sense too. THANKS, means I can still rely on Imgburn to do the correction thing, but it still leaves me wondering if the correct UDF file system would be picked out, unless I manually do it. Thanks for explaining to to me...
  6. Yup that is it, guess I should have done some digging first, I'm new here, so I am learning, cdfreaks I have got down somewhat by now (138 posts), but what a great little app Imgburn is, just so cool...just had to donate, noticed that one of the older projects was shut down by 'the man' (I assume) - I wish I had a chance to have known about that. Anyway, I am having problems understanding what"...it will be changed on the fly..." means, but it doesn't really matter - I'll just go through the motions and manually change the file system till the 2440 comes out (next release) when I guess it will be a choice on how one wants Imgburn to handle the matter.. Thanks for the replies, esp. for a 'newbie', and yes I am happy to be on the road to getting some strips..
  7. I just started to use the new release today 4/2/09, first I was burning some blurays (udf 2.50), then I started to attempt to burn some dvd5 and dvd9's, when up came the box stating that my video files need the different file systems (iso 9660+udf), well I click yes, please correct this for me... and then I checked the file system and it was still udf 2.50, so I went ahead and changed it to iso9660+udf and used udf 1.02, but I thought maybe I should let you all know about my experience. My frig_en HP computer has a mind of it's own, I have turned of UAC and other vista troublemakers but still strange things happen with it software uninstalls other software etc., so I don't know if it is just my system or if it is a bug in the new release. The last release it would do the please correct this for me operation just fine including picking out the correct udf version (1.02), but not now. I am an old dvdfab user, and until I got into blurays I was stricktly a dvdfab person, but fengtao is working on his bluray support and so I started using anydvdhd and this wonderful freeware imgburn (for which I have donated some $$$ because it writes so much better than dvdfab does, I still love dvdfab - but the burn speeds and other options (most I still need to learn) make me very pleased with imgburn, so I hope this helps...
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