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  1. How do I create a bootable .iso image from a OEM Windows 7 64bit Professional DVD using ImgBurn so I can save it to my desktop and that I can later add it to the Windows 7 USB/DVD tool and create a bootable USB? I tried using the write method of creating an image and the Windows 7 USB/DVD tool doesn't recognize it as a valid .iso image
  2. When I burn a CD-R, how do I ensure that it's burning in "Disc-at-once" mode as opposed to "Track-at-once" mode? Is there a setting I can check? Thanks...
  3. That's your opinion. Everybody's entitled to one.
  4. Thanks for all your help. One more question. No offense, but how do I disable those silly slogans that appear on the status bar?
  5. Ok, well it looks like I'm out of luck on that then. ~ You mentioned this earlier: I take it this is the only way to burn an mp3 audio (data) disc through ImgBurn, correct?
  6. I noticed after I installed the LAME DirectShow Filter 3.98.2 and registered the lame.ax in my System32 folder, the GUI interface that this download says it comes with for tweaking it's parameters (Shown Here) is nowhere to be found. I must be missing something somewhere. Anybody know where it is or how to get it? Thanks
  7. I understand that. There's what's known as an mp3 data disc where they are stored as plain mp3 files like any other data file, and then there's an mp3 audio disc that will initialize itself when inserted into a CD player and then play as audio files after the disc is finalized. I assumed ImgBurn can burn mp3 files from a cue file the same was as it would with any other codec, and feed them into directshow and output the raw PCM onto the disc as audio sectors as you mentioned previous, no? Or would they not still be in mp3 format? Thanks. That's good to know since I just installed an AAC filter there. Wow, that's unfortunate since I really didn't want to hear what amounts to a "pop" in between those tracks. I would have found it much easier to edit the old WAV/FLAC cue file using mp3 file extensions in order to try and audibly minimize the gap, than to go in and re-rip those mp3 tracks as one long audio track. I thought that the former was possible. If not ImgBurn, would a program like Burrrn be able to do it?
  8. Like burning .flac files from the cue file into WAV? For example, on the track line in the cue file "01 - songtitleone.flac" WAV Right? Ok, but I still need a cue file because many of these album tracks (that will be converted into mp3) have no gap between them. The songs run together. The only other option is to take the .flac files, decode them into wav and then physically join the two or three tracks together into one track, leaving out not only the cues but also making it a very time consuming process. I want to avoid that. According to what I see at the free codecs website, the LAME ones don't have an installer. How about the system32 folder? Or should it be a separate folder under the Program Files folder? In other words: regsvr32 lame.exe From the start menu - cmd Right? Again, that goes back to my problem of two or more tracks that run together. I know those audible gaps will show up on the burned CD when I don't want them to. Burning from a cue file would take care of that.
  9. Hello, I know I can get various codecs for ImgBurn at Free Codecs.com but I'm not sure which LAME version to download for mp3s to ensure ImgBurn will convert FLAC files into mp3 files for disc burning mp3 audio CD? And once I do find which one to use, where do I install it? The CD Burning Guide up above doesn't say anything about that. Then I'll need to create a mp3 .cue beforehand. What's the best way of doing this? Will I need to open the .cue file in notepad and manually edit them? Sorry for the basic questions. Thanks.
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