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  1. Just dropped by to say hello and to thank Daystrom M5 for his work and dedication to imgburn and it's users. I had been waiting for a free tool like this for a long time. Let me know if I can help with the European-Portuguese translation. Regards.
  2. Hi mate, Thank you for the updated translation. It would be nice if someone could point the translations from the website to this file because it seems to be the most up-to-date. Too bad the original maintainer doesn't seem to have the time or the interest to keep updating. Cheers
  3. Excellent post LUK!. May I ask where you got those figures? In all honesty through all the years that I've been burning DVDs I have seen lots of different figures posted/written all over the internet. For instance, if you take wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVD you will read 2,298,496 sectors for DVD-R SL (4,707,319,808bytes) and 2,295,104 sectors for DVD+R SL (4,700,372,992bytes). I'm just curious because I'm thinking about coding a small tool that calculates single pass video encoding (of legit video contents) and I would really like to know the exact amount of sectors. Not that a difference of 608 sectors can screw my calculations but I thought, if I'm gonna try to do something useful I might as well do it properly with accurate figures ;-). Thanks in advance. Cheers
  4. Eheh, a couple won't fit in my small miniATX pc case with only two 5,25" bays. You see, I already have a DVD reader there that I use for reading and ripping purposes. BTW could you point the main differences between both the Pioneer and the LiteOn? Are those 3 burners capable of PIPO in DVDInfo? How about the BenQs? Are they worth looking? Oh, and where would you buy them online? Our currency in Portugal is €.
  5. Hi guys, I have searched through the forum looking for threads discussing hardware but I haven't found any that can answer my question. I use my current LG 4120b burner only for burning purposes i.e. I don't use it to rip audio or dvd contents (which I acknowledge discussion is not allowed here). I only use it for burning and it would be cool if it was compatible with dvdinfo pipo. In such sense I'd like to know your opinion on which is the best overall burning drive out there? Samsung? Pioneer? BenQ? Please, do point their pros and cons if you know them. Cheers PS: I know It'd be better to ask this at cdfreaks but I tend to trust you guys better than them .
  6. Thanks guys, you really did cover all bases here. Cheers
  7. Quite an interesting rant but you will have to agree that when someone or a company puts a whole lot of time into coding a software they are entitled to ask for money, and if things get nasty they may have to double the price or nothing in order to save their skin. That's life...
  8. Excellent piece of advise. Thanks spinningwheel Interesting finding cornholio7... I wish my drive LG could output PIPO like your's so that we could compare. There ain't anything similar to DVDInfo for HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4120B A117 (ATA) drives, right? Cheers
  9. Hi guys, I read the pink box, did all that but unfortunately didn't come up with a solution. I've never payed too much attention to the DVDInfo files that Imgburn can generate. Last night I noticed that some days ago I have enabled generating *.ibg files after burning. So I was taking a look at them when I got very upset with the blue Write CPU% line reaching so close to 100% for 4 times during encoding. Am I right or am I reading this graph all wrong? Actually I'd say that line is averaging a very high value, right? I have checked and both my IDE interfaces have DMA enabled. Unfortunately yesterday I also erased the logfile so I can't give more info at this time. I will be more careful next time when I burn another disc to see if the cpu spikes are still there so that I can post a pic and a log file. But in the meantime I'd like to hear your comments . Cheers PS: Could it be the Anti-virus eating up CPU at that moment in time? I use AOL's McAfee Special Edition and I can't find a "pause" button anywhere on it so that I can stop the on access scanner during burning process.
  10. I have just had a similar experience with single layers. I had a cake of 50 1x-16x Memorex DVD-R discs. I burnt more than 20 of them with no problem whatsoever. Suddenly 8-10 coasters. Bought a new cake of 50 1x-16x discs this time around Verbatim (TYG03). I must have burnt more than 10 so far and no problems . Guess what dye/ink the Memorex were? RITEKF1... Buy a single DL disc, try to choose a good disc NOT a good brand. TY and Verbatim seems to be a good disk. If it works its just a bad DVD cake lol. Cheers
  11. I have veeery few posts in here and I think that in all of them I always thank LUK! for how great DVDD was (is!) and for how great Imgburn is. LUK! could be filling up his pockets with our money on DVDD and Imgburn fees and yet instead he keeps these projects free possibly only getting enough $ to pay for website expenses. I use Imgburn over Nero because it uses way less hdd space and way less memory than the later. Besides LUK! and "his team" give a much better support than a company like Ahead who is only after profit and don't really care about decent code anymore. I still trust all my PCs to Ahead's WNASPI32 instead of M$ SPTI or Adaptec's ASPI but that's all they'll get from me these days . I am only worried that one day some company does with Imgburn what "you-know-who company" did with DVDD. I'm not talking about the past, I'm only talking about the future. I'm not saying that Imgburn should go open source, I'm just saying that a small handful of people should always have access to the sources just in case those suckers do it again. These things worry me a lot, you know? Other than that it's a blessing having both LUK!'s tools and use them legitimately every single day . Cheers and happy 2008
  12. Hi guys, Problem solved with a new 50x cake of DVD-R Verbatim 1x-16x (TY dye/ink). They're burning at ~8x which is my dvd burner max speed. Thank you all for your help. Merry Xmas and happy new year. Cheers
  13. What?? Does that mean that these Memorex that I bought are 16x only! meaning that they won't burn at speeds lower than 16x? I hope I'm misunderstanding your point chewy . Cheers
  14. But how can I know if the DVDs I am going to buy are TY or not, or Verbatim or not? I mean, Verbatim it's easier but TY? I have never seen any DVD branded TY. As for Verbatim, yeah, we see them here in PTG but they're really expensive and we usually turn our back on them. I'll buy a couple just for testing. Thanks for the tip. Cheers
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