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  1. Why reinvent the wheel? I just want the best software to become even better. I'm ready to supply ready pieces of clean code for ISZ support. That's why I'm here on this forum.
  2. ????????????????????????????????????? Regards OK, not "must", but "should". Compressed images are great - they allow direct use without extracting to temp folder, not like RAR or 7z. And it would be very great if ImgBurn supported at least one compressed format. And if it does, it has to be ISZ. Also from a programmer's point of view, ISZ is very simple to implement, both read and write (without encryption support, which we don't need anyway). And I don't get it, why ImgBurn has vast compressed audio support (FLAC, APE, WV), but not general compressed data.
  3. In my opinion ISZ is the best compressed ISO format! It's specs are totally open, it uses open-source ZLIB or BZ2 compression, and is optimized for random sector access, which is great for virtual drives. ImgBurn, as the best image burner on planet, must support this format!
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