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  1. Thank you for taking the time to write this Joe. Regards, Rick
  2. That's their words, not mine! But it is a requirement and that is why we want it. As far as I know you cannot burn a ZIP or a GZ file, or can you? By being able to access it you do not have pack it out first. More about my reason: I have started using the USB loader on my Wii, which can load the CISO directly, like a jukebox. Therefore I can keep all my images in CISO format. That is awesome that you are so young and can make such cool stuff. Look forward to other stuff you develope later. Hope you stick with it and enjoy it as well.
  3. Well, thanks for the quick reply. It's nice that you guys use so much time monitoring and replying to the forum. That really is a good thing. / mean that. I wonder if all you guys are still in school (like high school grade 9 or something). I mean the way you bash people, it really seems like you are teenagers or something. And it is definately about being closed minded here 100%. You have not once said that this is difficult or anything. That could at least be understood. just don't want to do it, end of story=closed minded. Don't take this like I am trying to convince you to change your mind. You are clearly set on your decision. Bye. Rick PS. Could someone help me get in touch with Neil? When I click on his link I get the following error: Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. Did you delete his account because you did not like his posts?
  4. Hi, First of all thank you Neil for starting this thread. I hit it on a search for exactly CISO burning. I wonder why there is so much bashing this guy for suggesting support for this. You guys do not seem very open-minded. I feel Neil has explained it perfectly. Now we are two that are asking, and I have many colleagues and friends that are asking for this as well. Since we do a lot of ISO backups, this would be a great thing. We can compress the ISO to take less space on disk. Why would we want to have to extract or convert in order to burn the image. Here is a private, real life example: I have three kids, and a Wii. I can, and do back up my store bought Wii games (yes I have a LG drive, and my wii is modified). Anyway, I backup each disk to an ISO and save it on two different HDs. When the kids scratch a disk, I burn a new one, keeping the original on the shelf. Now, since we spent a good fortune on the 40+ games we have invested in, that takes up a fair amount of disk space. Each 4.7GB ISO can be compressed to half or less, since Nintendo uses a lot of empty space in their images. It would be great to be able to burn the image directly from a CISO format instead of handling it first. Looking forward to ImgBurn supporting CISO. If it never makes it into ImgBurn, that will be too bad, because it really is a cool tool. Best Regards, Rick
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