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  1. I was one of these people. I was afraid of donating to the old PayPal addie because of the DVDD site takeover. I wanted to give one last donation for a job well done. Well, it looks like the job wasn't "done" after all but has morphed into a new creation. It's great to see a lot of familiar "faces" at this forum from all the other sites I've visited. It's been educational and I'm still amazed at the generosity among this community. I d/ld DVDD for about a year before actually using the program and made my donation at each update. Within a month after my first use, the inquisition had begun and I scrambled to print every guide of DVDD and DVDS I could find on the web. I hope there won't be any late-night knocks on the door to you admins out there but I'm not taking any chances! I will PayPal the requested $2 plus $20 for the legal fund. Thanks to a great product and to all those who continue to help the newbies! ddloopings, you deserve some love, too! Let us know if we can donate to you as well...
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