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  1. I use DVD-Rs; I think Lightning got it right - Nero (NRG) files add a HEADER/FOOTER that is making the file too big to burn. I still do not understand why my projects work 99 percent of the the time, but I am moving on from Nero anyway. Thank you for the response - Allen
  2. Target size - yes, that is what is driving me nuts (in addition to the fact that it works 99 percent of the time and fails only, only on new "projects"). I would, at this point, keep track of the "studio" to see if there is a correlation. At this point I think I am going to switch to "Clone" DVD; I hear it is faster and more reliable than Recode - input? I may even start "ripping" to an image using DVDFab (as opposed to ripping with Fab and recoding to an image using Nero); DVDFab does a fantastic job ripping, but the image "burns" are glitchy - even after verified by Imageburn. Hmmmm...
  3. Always nice to hear from you lightning; excuse me, I am relatively new at this. So why does Nero seem to work 99 percent of the time? this only happens with "fresh, out-of-the-box" projects; which is why I thought it was some unique copy-guard. Thank you for your time, and all of your expertise!
  4. So here it is; again - this happens with "new" projects: Properties tab indicates image is x amount (in Windows); imageburn "sees" something else. As stated previously, Nero appears to be adding "invisible" files. I used dvdfab to complete the image and it "fit" just fine. Thank you for everyones help - Allen Cain, San Francisco Bay Area (California). (Images should be here/available.)
  5. Understood: I will also point out that I consider myself an advanced user, and again my burns work perfectly 99 percent of the time. This "anamoly" comes from Imageburn seeing an "invisible" file or file(s) that recode is somehow producing or associating with a DVD image that Imageburn "thinks" is larger than it is. Was that confusing? So I swear it is not a "settings" issue. Next time it occurs I will take screen-shots and "Lighting UK" showed me how to "display" the error using a "control" command. So I will be able to update this post in the near future but due to the infrequency of this issue, it might be a while. Thank you everyone for your replies! Allen
  6. Will do: it is a pleasure/honor getting a reply from you; I have followed your work since before DVD "Decrypter". Will provide more details, sorry for the incomplete posting.
  7. Thank you for the reply - No doubt it is NOT coming from Imageburn - it rocks. I was hoping someone knew something about this... The "error" from Imageburn comes from a window that pops up that reads "There doesn't appear to be enough space on this disc to burn the image" and shows the blank space available on the (single layer) media (about 4.7GB) and then the image has a much larger file size displayed (compared to the [explorer] properties of the file). I will provide the exact numbers (file sizes) on a later date. It is like Nero Recode is adding an "invisible" file to the image. The fact that the Nero image does not work but the dvdfab image does... I am confident Imageburn is doing it thing as it is supposed to. Thank you - Allen "I would suggest that you wait for a reply from the transcoding programs that you mention in your posts and post here, with a failed logfile as we always request, if you have a problem with ImgBurn; since we really do not encourage or assist with ripping problems, as your post suggests."
  8. I have an interesting problem using: 1) DVDFab (to rip ENTIRE DVD's) 2) Nero Recode (to burn "main movie to DVD" image) 3) Imageburn (to burn the dvd to a single-layer disc) After I verify the burn is okay, I delete the original - and save the image [only] to conserve drive space. On certain "projects" I get an error from Imageburn indicating: "There doesn't appear to be enough space on this disc to burn the image". I am totally confused for several reasons, and will note that: A) The image file size is less than 4.7GB (as displayed by "properties") My burns work 99.9 percent the rest of the time - perfectly (with verifications from Imageburn) C) This error seems to occur with newer "projects"; this seems to be a recent development - but I have only just begun to use "images" (to save space) D) When I do not use Nero Recode, and use DVDFab to create the image (to DVD-5) it works perfectly. Is this some sort of wierd "copy-guard" issue? It is not a big deal, I prefer to use Nero Recode [high quality mode] but DVDFab seems to do the job. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance; Allen, San Francisco Bay Area - California / USA (I have submitted this string to DVDFab, Imageburn and Nero.) (In case this matters to someone: Lite-on burner; Taiyo Yuden media; Windows XP)
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