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  1. well, now that I google "CopyThatGame" it comes up with all kinds of "IT'S A SCAM" stuff.....don't I feel stupid.... I am usually VERY careful about what I buy from whom... The CopyThatGame site clearly says: What consoles will the CopyThatGame System work for? The CopyThatGame works for all consoles including PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Gamecube, PSP, Nintendo DS, Playstation, PS One, PS2, Xbox, Dreamcast, and Game Boy/GameBoy Advanced! It even for PC games. and: The games for my consoles come with unbreakable protection, will the software still work? The CopyThatGame System is so advanced that it gets through the latest so called unbreakable protection with ease and lets you burn these games to any regular blank CD or DVD. Their whole site implies that you are getting "CopyThatGame" software.....it's not until you pay for it and download it that you realize that it's installed ImgBurn which is freeware. I've called my credit card and they said that they can not disput it until it clears my statment....they suggested that I call ClickBank who the transaction went though (they are kinda like a PayPal)....so I'm going to try them tomorrow. From reveiwing their site it's very hard to tell that they are not on the level....ClickBank is a reputable compnay and they aer PayPal verfified....and I consider PayPal a trustworthy source as well... But I guess that ClickBank and Paypal can only go off what they are told by their clients.....if their cients lie then they are in the same boat that I am. I'll let y'all know how it goes......if you pray you might do just that for the pour soul I get on the phone tomorrow at Clickbank if they don't agree to work with me.... lol
  2. Thanks for all the comments guys....I've been trying to contact them today to get my money back...although I noticed it hasn't hit my credit card just yet so maybe they go wise and decided not to charge me? Either way I'll have my credit card refuse the charge if I need to.......I don't take kindly to scamming.... As for copying the PS3 games I just wanted a way to back up my own games that I bought and paid for.....I have neices/nephews that love to play on my system and they are not quite so gentle with things as I am! I was thinking it would be great for them to have a burned/backup copy to use like a frisbe as one throws it to another across the room so he can load it in to the PS3 .....instead of my one and only REAL disc..... hehe It is kind of annoying becuase I didn't even know I was buying ImgBrn.....I got it from a site call CopyThatGame and they claimed that I could back up all my PS3 games, blue-ray included and that the copywrite protection would not be an issue...... aren't there laws against blantant lying by a company on their website?? Thanks again!
  3. So, I just bought and installed this program so I could make back-ups of my PS3 games but if I follow all the instructions I can't get it to work. Steps I'm taking: Place PS3 game into DVD burner Open ImgBurn Once it loads choose Mode and then Read..... Choose the source drive and the destination folder/filename I do all of that and it just sits there...and then comes up with a message at the bottom that says "Device Not Ready" (Medium not present) I tried to search the forums but coudln't find anything similar to my issue... Please help! I'm hoping I didn't just spend money on this software for nothing.
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