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  1. Hmm . Don't tell me what im here for. Only I know that. Your wrong, I don't think I know better than people who know better than me. The people who had problems burning dual layer discs and tested verbatim because it was suggested by them in forums but still had a problem know better than me, because from experience they learned that verbatim didn't help I don't think it's 64 bit related IT IS 64 bit related "mate" I haven't heard someone mention this problem in reference to a 32 bit os. Although maybe the ones that was using 32 bit platforms didn't think to mention it. that is possible too.
  2. No, i totally understand i'm not saying all the time but quite alot of the time media is one of the key issues but not all the time and clearly it might not be the case here. But nobody can determine that untill other things have been tested out first such as you say possibly your operating system and maybe even your hardware. IF it results in the same thing then cleary what everbody said was infact correct but we won't jump to that conclusion untill we have fully justified and pin pointed the problem. I would personally suggest using xp as a tester operating system. Reasons why, faster install and less likely for bugs all round also you'll get the full out of your pc as vista is just like a weight dragging you down. Try to use a legit copy if you can or again borrow a real copy. I agree with you, trying the same method on a different os makes perfect sense. I just think attempting easier and faster methods first is a more efficient use of time, since I could just post here in a forum where thousands of people might read and you never know... Maybe someone had my problem before and figured it out , all you have to do is configure something simple and the problem goes, as is often the case with pc problems. Failing that my next step would have been a partition - xp 32 installation or trying to burn using my usb key version of linux. I just didn't want to get the metaphoric verbatim discs hurled at me from every direction when asking.
  3. I can say it's not a solution because of what I have read.. and I prefer not to side step any technical problem by merely replacing some hardware. You don't really learn anything in the process do you? If I took that attitude years ago, I wouldn't be as experienced as I am now. Which isn't to imply that I am a genius, but I am definately not an idiot either. You might be correct that in some instances, people was in fact using old drives/outdated firmware.. but that wasn't the case in even half of the threads I read. And you seemed to ignore the fact that some people used cheap (and notoriously bad) memorex discs and they was able to dual burn with no problems... Now if the problem is media related as you suggest.. why are such well known BAD discs burning fine in some cases? Logic dictates it's a compatibility problem not a a poor media problem. Just because your using Verbatim with vista 64. That doesn't mean that all vista 64 operating system using verbatim won't have any problems the same as you.. you know this as well as me, so why raise it as a point? compatibility problems can occur even when using the newest and most expensive hardware and media. Finally to the person posting above me, ill assume the comment was directed at me. In which case, I think youl find that if I clearly state at the start that verbatim didn't fix the problem and people insist that verbatim will fix the problem, they are the ones that initiated an "argument" not me.
  4. And I appreciate your suggestion. Attempting to burn the disc on a 32 bit platform is a perfectly logical step to take when trying to diagnose a problem. And I even will partition my drive and but xp 32 bit on it anyway, not just for this but for other compatibility problems i might have too. I didn't want to get frustrated, I was just fully aware of this problem and how it included Verbatim before even creating the thread. Which is why it came across as a bit condescending when people ignore what I say and repeatidly suggest Verbatim even though it doesn't fix this. As you say I am experienced with technical problems, I did a lot of research on this before posting so I knew for a fact that verbatim doesnt always fix it. But when you even mention at the start of a thread that suggesting Verbatim isn't going to help and the next 3 posts are people saying use verbatim, how can you not get a little frustrated?
  5. Once again I repeat. This problem is vista 64 specific. Google this problem yourself and youll come across countless threads from different forums. Where people have a problem recording beyond 50% with vista 64 EVEN USING VERBATIM DISCS see it for yourself. dont take my word for it. . Im not justifying anything. But I was fully aware before posting here that the problem included verbatim. which is why i started the thread by saying that isnt a solution. But if you can come across one single thread where someone has my problem and then tried verbatim discs and it fixed the problem Ill stand corrected ( i still havent found 1 single case) Now I have no doubt that Verbatim produce better quality discs. But as I have learned from others, using verbatim discs does not make this specific problem go away. There really isn't any other way I can get that point across is there? I just hope each time I bring it up that you will realise from hundreds of other threads that Verbatim didn't fix THIS problem. Also referring to software, which is something that tells your hardware how to operate, as something which "feeds information" over simplifies the role of software.
  6. I have yes. Exactly the same problem with ashampoo. but imgburn was always my preferred app. I didn't think it would be application specific. It seems to be a vista 64 problem. At least every thread I read about was where people had vista 64 and this problem happend REGARDLESS of what media was used INC Verbatim. I really have no clue what causes this problem. There was a great many threads where people suggested using Verbatim discs as a solution. But In absolutely every case where someone had this problem and then tried verbatim discs the problem persisted. I have yet to come across a thread where using verbatim discs fixed this exact problem. But it occurs on both my drives the dvr 109 and the dvr 111 (i posted 110 but its 111) By the way when I said I updated everything, I meant with my newest drive. The only reason I tried on the older (not updated ) drive was to check if the problem was specific to the dvr 111. However the problem was identical so I posted the last log that imgburn generated I just want to add I am blaming vista 64 for this problem as it seems to be the common consensus in every thread I googled. I was fully aware before posting this thread that it wasn't an image burn problem. In fact it seems to be a layerbreak or memory problem from buffering larger amounts of date (according to some threads) I only choose to post this in an imgburn thread and not a windows vista thread . Because i use imgburn and wondered if there was a way around vista 64s bug by configuring imgburn differently. But suggesting Verbatim as a solution is clearly wrong
  7. Is it imageburns official response to rectify their problem burning media by replacing that media with the very best (and most expensive) media? or are you saying the only solution is to use verbatim discs? seems highly unlikely because clearly there are those that use even cheap memorex discs with no problems. What you actually mean is that the only solution you know of is to use verbatim discs, not really what I am looking for is it? You can even argue that the easiest solution is to use verbatim discs. But once again that isn't the purpose of this thread, that isn't even the true function of a forum. Forums by there very nature are for people to discuss things openly. Imagine if technical support forum threads consisted of someone saying help I have a problem with my pc not booting into windows!! to which some admin replied buy a better more expensive computer. You cannot guarantee that the verbatim discs will work 100% can you? I know for a fact that even using verbatim discs some people have the identical problem as i do (with vista 64) its a known problem, google confirms this. So your "solution" which is just the same as helping someone diagnose aproblem by paying to replace it with something better (and more expensive) is basically common knowledge to everything in life really isn't it? oh no my house has termites = solution buy a new stone house : / whether it's with cars tv's refridgerators. the same "solution" could hold true. But I degress. This specific problem with dual layer discs failing at exactly 50% includes verbatim discs and seems to be exclusive to vista 64 (google this yourself and you will see), its like you are ignoring the problem and just assuming that verbatim are a magical cure for any dual layer burning problems whatever they are... it seems very idiotic to me.. Are you on commision for verbatim I wonder?
  8. Your post is hardly constructive. I made it perfectly clear I updated my firmware. Theres no point telling me something I already know or did. And theres not really informing me something I am already aware of. These are the dics I have, I didn't buy them and I can't get anything else right now. I just want to figure out how to do this layer break thing. Or find out if theres a way to get around this. If you don't know of a way then there really isn't any point in posting.
  9. I am running a pinoneer dvr 109 and dvr 110 on different computers, both drives get the same problem at 50% when burning two seperate iso files using datawrite duallayer +r yellow discs. (don't suggest verbatim) I don't care if they are the best but i know they are already. .. no really don't mention verbatim. The iso files are both backups of pc games. Firmware up-to-date. Heres my image burn log file. Am i supposed to define a layer break, set it to seamless or what??? I have heard its a problem specific to vista 64, is that confirmed? is there a fix? windows is already fully updated. I always update everything. I 19:25:39 ImgBurn Version started! I 19:25:39 Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate x64 Edition (6.0, Build 6001 : Service Pack 1) I 19:25:39 Total Physical Memory: 4,191,812 KB - Available: 2,453,972 KB I 19:25:39 Initialising SPTI... I 19:25:39 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 19:25:39 Found 1 DVD-ROM and 1 DVD
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