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  1. I don't usually use multi-session disc but when I do, it's probably because I have no other choice. Like my latest experience, I need to copy something into/out of a corporate client's server that restrict access to the USB ports. I'm left with 1.Floppy drive, 2.CD-ROM. Since I'm carrying a laptop option 1 is out. And I just realized I do not have a blank CD with me, so I've to use my "Scratch Disc" (CD version of scratch pad) and ImgBurn refused to recognize it. Luckily I still have Nero installed and that saved the day. At least that's what I thought until the server complaint about corrupted block0 of the CD. Damn. I end up requesting access via USB with all the paperwork and blah blah blah, but that's beside the point. There is a use for multi-session disc but since post #4 still apply, Nero still stays.
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