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  1. Is it possible to have imgburn cycle the disc after a full erase? I ask because i had to do a full erase on a DVD which imgubrn was reporting as being 600 or so MB. However after the full erase it was still reporting it at being 600 or so MB, after i cycled the tray it was again reporting it as being a full size DVD.
  2. Thanks LIGHTNING UK!, have you or anybody else have any suggestions to what is the best drive and or accompanying media? Thanks.
  3. Kenadjian i did as you suggested and it worked, i still do get the same error every now and then tho. Could be this down to **** media?
  4. For some reason i can only seem to burn files under a certain size, if they are large files i.e. multiple GB then i get a I/O Error(log file below). I have updated my firmware and attempted multiple optical discs and get the same results. Just in case its relevant i can burrrn audio Cd's using burrrn and read from discs just fine. Any suggestions? Thanks. Edit: The above log file is when i was trying to burn 2 PC game demos, the below log file is when i tried to burn only 1 of the files(successfully with no errors). I used the same disc and burned it only a few minutes later. The size of the demos combined is 3.53gb the second burn with just 1 of the demos was 1.75gb.
  5. Shamus that is one hilarious pic, i wonder what the dirty little sod was thinking to why the other mouse was so willing? EDIT: Properly, JACKPOT!
  6. Just noticed the new version and to say the least sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, thanks to LIGHTNING UK and who ever else helps with the development/testing. Got to go new software to play with :-).
  7. Thanks for the link lfcrule1972, just for future reference if i ever say "Am i missing something whistling.gif" again please just ignore me .
  8. Have a tick box so a user can specify that ImgBurn close after successfully burn. You could put the option where verify after burn, delete Iso when complete and shut-down after successfully burn is.
  9. I understand it may mess up the GUI, but what if a user just wants to erase a disc and not write on it?
  10. Sorry LIGHTNING UK! yes i was talking about the explorer's context menu. In my computer when a disc is inserted a user could right click it and have what i specified above.
  11. I love update to programs , is it possible to have a projected data of release for the next version or at least a change log of what is currently scheduled to be in the next version, thanks.
  12. No problem, thanks for the heads up anyway.
  13. Thanks again Shamus_McFartfinger that is one i have been testing for a week or so now, seems pretty good but i would really love to see data ISO creation in ImgBurn.
  14. Thanks Shamus_McFartfinger for the recommendation but i was really looking for a free app.
  15. That's what i thought from my previous posts i stated im looking to create a ISO with data not video files.
  16. I would love to see a right click context menu entry "Erase Disc With Imgburn" which prompts a user as it does in the program if the user wishes to erase the disc. You could either have it ask a user which method i.e. quick or full erase or there could be a option in ImgBurn where a user preselects the method.
  17. Don't ITC only burn video files, im only looking to create a iso out of data which i can then burn with ImgBurn.
  18. That's great LIGHTNING UK i will look forward to that version. I'm sorry i was not aware the way DVD Decrypter created a ISO was different to what i was suggesting. I think if you do implement this feature tho it would open ImgBurn up to a much bigger market then currently available because if you don't want to burn images you don't need ImgBurn but if you implement the ability to create ISO's as well. People can then use it to backup there data. If you do decided to do a temp version i will be willing to test it if you wish.
  19. Down what route im not requesting anything to do with ripping movies etc. Simply the ability to create a iso similar to Folder2iso which a user could then burn with imgburn.
  20. I am aware that DVD Decrypter is dead what i was saying is that in DVD Decrypter you could create a iso so there for LUK clearly knows how to implement such a feature.
  21. I believe imgburn is one of the if not the best burner around free or other wise i have been trying to find a way to take full advantage ot this fact. I have been looking for a program that can create a iso of selected folder and files but there seems always to be something i don't like about them. It would be great if there was a file to iso mode in imgburn for me it would be then a great all round burner because uses could then burn data by first creating a iso of the files. You could have a box like imgburn queue with add file(s) and add folder(s) buttons, you could also have a option to either save the iso to a selected folder for later burning and if no folder is selected it just uses a temp folder which after creation it automatically burns the iso. My request maybe a long shot but this is one feature i would absolutely love to see implemented(soon the better ). Im no developer but as i said imgburn queue box looks to me ideal for aa gui for this feature all you would need is a create iso and destination select button etc. From DVD Decrypter you also already have a way to create a iso.
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