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  1. there's a report function for each module


    sensor will show voltages


    the overclock will show hardware specifics


    what we need to see is these 2 parts


    CPU Properties:

    CPU Type AMD Athlon 64 3500+

    CPU Alias Venice S939

    CPU Stepping DH-E3

    CPUID CPU Name AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3000+

    CPUID Revision 00020FF0h


    CPU Speed:

    CPU Clock 2249.88 MHz

    CPU Multiplier 9.0x

    CPU FSB 249.99 MHz (original: 200 MHz, overclock: 25%)

    Memory Bus 249.99 MHz


    CPU Cache:

    L1 Code Cache 64 KB (Parity)

    L1 Data Cache 64 KB (ECC)

    L2 Cache 512 KB (On-Die, ECC, Full-Speed)


    Motherboard Properties:

    Motherboard ID 63-1408-000001-00101111-063005-K8T800P$A0036001_BIOS DATE: 06/30/05 17:34:14 VER: 08.00.09

    Motherboard Name Asus A8V Deluxe (5 PCI, 1 AGP, 4 DDR DIMM, Audio, Gigabit LAN, IEEE-1394)


    Chipset Properties:

    Motherboard Chipset VIA K8T800Pro, AMD Hammer

    Memory Timings 2.5-4-4-10 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS)

    Command Rate (CR) 1T


    SPD Memory Modules:

    DIMM1: Micron Tech. 256 MB PC4000 DDR SDRAM (2.5-4-4-10 @ 250 MHz) (2.0-3-3-8 @ 200 MHz)

    DIMM2: Micron Tech. 256 MB PC4000 DDR SDRAM (2.5-4-4-10 @ 250 MHz) (2.0-3-3-8 @ 200 MHz)


    BIOS Properties:

    System BIOS Date 06/30/05

    Video BIOS Date 04/08/11

    DMI BIOS Version 1014.008


    Graphics Processor Properties:

    Video Adapter ATI Radeon 9600 XT (RV360)

    GPU Code Name RV360 (AGP 8x 1002 / 4152, Rev 00)

    GPU Clock 500 MHz (original: 500 MHz)

    Memory Clock 297 MHz (original: 300 MHz)





    Motherboard 29 °C (84 °F)

    CPU 39 °C (102 °F)

    GPU 40 °C (104 °F)

    GPU Ambient 34 °C (93 °F)

    DW CDW63G0-D00NF0A 40 °C (104 °F)

    Seagate ST3250823AS 41 °C (106 °F)


    Cooling Fans:

    CPU 2657 RPM


    Voltage Values:

    CPU Core 1.41 V

    +3.3 V 3.25 V

    +5 V 5.13 V

    +12 V 12.10 V



    your previous questions are not answerable(in my opinion)

  2. I really hate when programs get linked together, especially ones like Imgburn, first there's the problem of people not understanding what went wrong where? Then you have an issue where a program like dvd flick when I reinstalled it, changed my default imgburn to the enclosed one.

    Might as well start attaching yahoo toolbar.



  3. a clean install of xp sp2 is always a good idea, but you have to remember to only load the drivers needed from device manager


    sound and lan are fine from the old cd, or the web?


    Anything else may be a headache


    My mobo(same as yours) and bios were real picky about the ram settings and I had to set them to match the spd manually to get the computer to run stabily, once I got it working, it ran overclocked and fine for 2 years without hardly a glitch.


    You haven't worn that pioneer 112 out already have you?

  4. those blanks are grade B media but your dvd burner is one of the worst made

    most never see any firmware updates or die soon if they worked in the first place


    best to rma them while on warranty



    few slimline laptop ones are very good?


    I always reccomend that you use a good external dvd burner and save the builtin one for loading programs or reinstalls

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