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  1. The opc option is better for xbox360 games at verbatim or not?
  2. Why at some xgd3 games it ask me if i want to write trucated or over-burned? Even i have choose the don't prompt option like the picture bellow: And most of the iso files i was rip from other xgd3 games i have already write with imgburn with a successful verification. So why is that happening?
  3. As ALREADY TALLIED YOU even with verbatim dvd+r dl made in singapore and opc enabled the first disc write after power on the pc it writes it fine write/verify but if i try to write 2nd disc WITHOUT RUN(Or clear opc history) any other program it write the disc but it doesn't verify this is the MAIN REASON i have disable the opc so i can write as many discs i want without do clear opc history before every write and have successful verify process. I want the GOLD SETTINGS combination so i can use it to every disc verbatim made in singapore or maxell and don't need to change the settings every time i change the trademark disc.
  4. What is the BEST settings for you? Because when i try to disable the online hyperlink i have a lot of fault verification xgd3 games that i don't have with online hyper tunning enabled. As i tallied you i use the above settings to both verbatim and maxell discs and until now i have successful write/verify xgd3 games. All that with the liteon ihas 124d drive. You thing that the force hyper tuning is so important so it make to some good write and to other failed writes?
  5. Even with payload i must make the above settings so the verify process it was successful. Elsewhere it DOESN'T PASS THE VERIFICATION PROCEDURE SO... I use these settings Opc - disabled(If i have it enabled i must clear opc history before every write to have success verify writes) burn proof - enabled at 73mb or 250mb Smartburn - enabled Online hyper tunning - enabled force hyper tunning - enabled Overspeed - disabled I don't try to disable force-hyper tunning but i believe if i disable it maybe i have failed verification process so i leave it as it is. From your tests to as many pc's you can test you have better results with force hyper tuning disabled?????? With the above settings i can write successful(write & verify) xgd3 games at verbatim dvd+r dl made in singapore and maxell dvd+r dl discs.
  6. Why every time i try to burn xgd3 game the program suggest me to disable one of these switches? To my pc if i was change the switches to any other order except the picture above i have failed verifications on xgd3 games.
  7. Why every time i try to burn xgd3 game the program suggest me to disable one of these switches? To my pc if i was change the switches to any other order except the picture above i have failed verifications on xgd3 games.
  8. It is correct both of them(iso and dvd file) and has the CORRECT LAYERBREAK at .dvd file but stil after the 1st one attept that it ask then never asked me to send max payload command into drive so it write the SAME xgd3 game.
  9. Yes i load the .dvd file(But even i didn't load the .dvd file it load it itself the imgburn if it has the same file name as the .iso file so....) of the xgd3 game and i have insert one dvd+dl disc in the drive liteon ihas 124d. IT DOESN'T ASK ME any question except if i want overburn or truncate something I DON'T WANT. I want to ask me EVERYTIME if it send max payload command so i can burn normal and correctly xgd3 games.
  10. How i can make it the prg ASKS me EVERY TIME i try to write one xgd3 game to send maxpayload command. As i tell it before it asked me ONLY THE FIRST time and after that time IT DOESN'T ASKED ME AGAIN every time i eject/insert any dvd+r dl disc.
  11. Does anyone try to write xgd3 games WITHOUT max payload program ONLY with imgburn And after the first promt and check no at prompt if send maxpayload command the programm DOESN'T prompt it again if want to send maxpayload commands to liteon ihas. So you must fix to prompt EVERY TIME YOU TRY TO WRITE XGD3 GAME if it send maxpayload commands or not.
  12. And what exactly is the effective, always or compatible.
  13. What exactly is that "Added: Internal version of the 'BurnerMax Payload' code (well, what I could figure out) to allow for overburning DVD+R DL on many MediaTek chipset based drives. In practice, this only seems to work on Lite-On (and clone) drives that have 'Force HyperTuning' enabled." Do you combine the maxpayload with the imgburn program so it doesn't need the use of max payload program? If we don't execute the send maxpayload command from the menu and we choose to burn one xgd3 game does it run this command automatically or not?
  14. Does it fix anything for xbox360 xgd3 games for ihas and other recorders that supported? I read around the world that with that new version of imgburn we can burn any xgd3 games on verbatim mkm-00-03 made in singapore even at 6x or 8x with very goods quality results. Is anything of the above true?
  15. I tell it ONE MORE TIME because you DON'T understand. This is A THREAD NOT A TOPIC SO it's useless to search every one topic there is at that thread so.....
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