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  1. Well it has been almost a year since I stopped using ImgBurn due to the many write errors it was producing. So today I decided to try it again & I downloaded & installed the latest version. But bugger Me Dead if it didn't stuff up a Verbatim DVD5 on the first use! It got halfway through a burn & threw up a read/write error.This is Crazy, because it is doing exactly the same as it was a year ago. The issue has not been fixed. Honestly,, It was a much better program when it was just a simple No fuss burning tool. I have burned hundreds of DVD's with Burnaware,CloneDVD2, ConvertX etc & I never have any problems with those authoring programs. That's right,, NOT one single error from any of them. So I have given up on the notion that maybe someday the program creator will see the light & eventually fix ImgBurn. I can't be bothered waiting any longer for a "Final" bullet proof Final release because on "present form" that aint going to happen. & I'm sick of the program having a dummy Spit & creating Coasters for no reason. Never Again will I bother with ImgBurn!
  2. OK, I have used imgburn on & off for years, mainly to burn double layer disks, but in all honestly I don't think I have ever used any other program that gives as many burning errors as this this program does. To all the "flaming" imgburn fan boys,,No it's not my hardware, no its not my OS or PC & it's not my brand of media that causes these burn errors,,, it's the imgburn program..period! I have two new burners (LG and Sony),many TB's of HDD space 6GB of memory i7 processor etc, etc, etc & the system goes like a train. Go back a couple of years & the imgburn program was reasonably reliable, although it was still finicky back then also, but just not as much as it has become lately. I think you guys have become so tied up in regularly trying to update the program with something new or better & more cutting edge that you have lost your way a little & gone down the wrong path because the program has become terribly unreliable. I don't mind a couple of coasters here & there but the top media is expensive & I am sick of this program saying everything is OK before the burn begins & then spitting out an error after about 20 seconds into the burn. "Bingo" another Blu ray or Double Layer DVD down the gurgler. It has gotten to the stage now where I expect it to happen, & 9 out of 10 times it does. None of the other programs I use do it & I can go for months(years even) without any burn problems using them. Like today,, I ended up with 4 DVD coasters using imgburn, it gave the same error over & over so I tried my other program and it made a perfect DVD. So that was the last straw, it's over between me & this imgburn program now! No more. So goodbye for the time being Imgburn, I will try you again in another couple of years, hopefully by then you will have gotten back on the right track & you will have become reliable & worthwhile program.
  3. I guess that I should have asked an easier question.
  4. I am still looking for my favourite. I never seem to have a lot of luck with these sorts of IMG converting programs,, they seem to take a month of Sundays to do the job and they always seem to have an error when they have finished. I always seem to end up with miss matched Video & Audio (out of sync) so it looks like I'm watching a dubbed Martial arts movie from China. I would love to find just one program that is quick and can convert and join most media successfully.
  5. If you look just below Western Australia (LH side of photo for non Ozzies) you will see a Mount Warning Fresh Water Sea Mullet has jumped out of the puddle and is now beached. Call green peace.
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