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  1. Did you also set the book type for DVD+R DL's ? They are different.......... Yes, the book type for DVD+R DL is DVD-ROM.
  2. All of these players play my +R DVD5 disc fine. It has to be something with the DL.
  3. The book type is set to DVD-ROM for the +R media types.
  4. Thanks Movie Junkie,. I didn't know you could bit-set a stadalone player. I will do some research.
  5. I have done many, many copies to DVD5 but recently have been trying to get a good DVD9 burn that will play in a standalone player with no success. Sony DVD RW DW-Q30A (YYS2) Verbatim DVD+R DL (MKM001) ripped using DVDFab Decrypter ISO created and layer break set using PgcEdit burn by ImgBurn -invoked directly from PgcEdit -no warning messages in the log -verify successful scanned disc using KProbe2 -showed a very good burn -PI max 33 -PIF max 5 DVD plays perfectly on 3 different PC's DVD will not play in a standalone player. I have tried 4 different players (all different brands). 2 would not play the disc at all. 2 appeared to play but produced only a blank grey screen. None of this points to ImgBurn as the problem but I would appreciate any help you might be able to provide.
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