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  1. thanks a lot! i'm looking for this button now ^ ^
  2. could u please teach me how to burn an above quota dic by imgburn? i'm trying to burn a dic,but the files' number is a little bigger than the default size of the dic: 103% how can i do it? i heared it can be done in some way.
  3. thanks.. is its meaning that decompress the ISO first and edit it then build a new ISO? can it keep the info. about the ISO?
  4. i just paid ten more hours to download the ISO of "Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium" and i found it's too big(4.88G) to write into one DVD(4.7G) and i wanna delete some files of the ISO it's failure that use winRAR to edit it directly could u please teach me? yes, i hear of UltraISO can do it, but i like imgburn better.
  5. first, i'm so sorry to have a poor En... i wanna build a ISO that little or much smaller than the files before ,is it possible? yeh, i desire to 1. put the same kind files into one to save room... 2. compress the whole ISO?... 3. or base on RAR,to store all the files in many or only one RAR file,and bulid an AUTORUN to decompress them ,then all the installation would be right when use those CD.... i just wanna to make the files in one CD... is it possible? or imgburn already had this function/ i wish u could understand me not very hard... 如果用中文写的话就......谢谢
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