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  1. dontasciime

    OK pulled battery, jumper? what jumper? don't see a jumper anywhere on motherboard( its an asus ?)

    pulled power cord, used pocket knife to short battery socket terminals, replaced batery, put sony XP home disk in cd tray, booted, a different bios setup screen appeared, (no hdd settings here)resored defaults, saved settings, reboot xp disk installng sony disk 1, disk 2 , disk3, done, rebooting, primary drives ZERO, secondary drives cdrom udma , beep beep beep, boot disk failure

    FORGOT to pull and swap memory cards!


    apperently theres enough drive there to attempt install, but not enough to boot??????????

    still no luck during boot to hit delete or anything else to enter bios setup.


    older p3 machine, delete gets to bios setup, but machine will not auto detect hdd, could try manual (user?) but the 20 gig hdd isn't labeled with heads, sectors,,,,

  2. sounds interesting, won't be home till friday though.


    At geeks,com found an intel d865pe motherboard $69. As near as I understand the specs, should take my p4 2.4 gig processor, my 1 gig ddr333 pc2700 sdram, and my agp nvidia geforce4mx440 card. Think the sucker had sata also. Will be abil to stock up drives for next unit.

    Definatly the cheapest repair. But don't know if I'm gonna trust the old drive on the new board yet.

    If I remember correctly always had to use a win98 3.5 to get cd funtioning on old machine. You know--the stuff Ithrew out last month!!!

  3. swapped keyboard, swapped known good battery, even swapped boot drive from other computer onto other ide line(dvd plaer was working) NOW it doesn't work either, and when back into original machine its not recognizable, changed bios to boot from cd, that doesn't work

    Maybe my kids will get me a new one for fathers day or does that only work from parent to child?

  4. clinks and doghouse gone?

    Have always been able to find answers to all my dvd and computer questions at 3 sites.

    Today I have a decrypting prob and this is not a decrypting quesion site!

    Hope this site stays healthy and active for a long time :thumbup:

  5. memtest downloaded, will carry it home and give a try

    having trouble doing bios setup, f1, f2,,,,,,,delete, not launching setup. No usual boot screens displaying.

    Can try putting hds on other ide line, but there not recognizable on other machine. Mabe I should bring boot hd from other machine over, bu I am a ittle chicen about that.

  6. Thought I had a hd overheating problem.

    Computter couldn't find hd after hours of video rendering. Wouldn't reboot either.

    Cooled off over night and continued working. Then it lost it again.

    Bought a new hd(ide), shoved in xp disk, started formattin, started installing, beep beep bbeeeep,started formating again, couldn't find new hd. Won't even boot to bios setup, with or without hds installed. Dvd drive on other ide line still reading, but I don't have a bootable xp disk I can look around the computer with. Hd's are unreadable on my older p3 machine.


    My guess- ide driver toasted and burning out drives. (maybe they can be reformatted elsewhere?)


    But I've noticed you guys are way better at delving into such matters.

    As much as this is an oppurtunity (excuse) to buy a coreduo unit, somebody who shall remain nameless is a half month late on his mortgage again.


    A cheap cure would be nice, but I think I'm looking at buying a new atx motherboard, that will accept my p4 2.8 gig processor/


    Any suggestions?please

  7. reading this thread almost makes me feel better about my workplace.

    Too bad my problem is also the shop kiss ass. Might be a little more, he told fishing stories for 9 hrs yesterday and didn't even bother turning his machine on.




    Some day my ship will come in, hope it a sail boat, I can't afford gas!

  8. Sales and marketting manager!

    Some day soon, I'm gonna walk in somewhere, spread some lies and get me a good job somewhere too.

    The bosses and managers check out us bottom of the totem pole people really well.

  9. yes and if they and the car companies don't wake up soon, they'll have to start paying better wages there so they can sell their product and we can give crappy support with an english accent!!!!!! :innocent:


    !0 years since I've had a raise, everything costs way more including the ever increaseing taxes. I haven't been caught up on my bills in 3 years. Late fees getting so big I can't buy my prozac anymore. But thats OK, it saves me a lot on VIAGRA, women won't date me anymore. Something about being crabbie, irritable, mean, ornery, selfcentered, domineering, sadistic, and a couple other words I can't spell well enough to find in the dictionary:rofl:

  10. ""

    But the INTENT of that amendment was, as stated, for US citizens to kill the US government. Period. Not for sport hunting; not for personal protection; not for target practice; not even for national defense. It refers to the Declaration of Independence, and that's why it's so important. That's also why the government hates it, and is infringing it to the point of nonexistence, which is illegal.



    Now where do I find this bomb making info, and how do I delete (completely, includeing isp files)


    Never know when I might want to overthrow a government or the UN.


    Not worried about my porn history- just think of all the people thatwould be deprived of income if we stop usng their product. I just want more free passes!!!!

  11. Well I don't know whats inside but it says philips dvdr3435v/37 on the outside


    It automatically finalizes at end of recording, but this finalise is only recognized on the settop. I have to unfinalize, and refinalise to use it in the comp. Manually finalizing, works on comp also.

    Allegidly it burns everthing, but I've only done rw's on it. She watches them when she gets home and we reuse them. Someday if we find a good movie, will remove commercials and burn a final disk.


    It took me 4 trys to record over an hour (had to read the instructions)

    Way better image then vhs!!!!!!!!

  12. I've had this problem before, I cured it by telling shrink to limit to 4.3 gig and keep the burn away from the edge of the disk. It showed up again recently after I bought a HP burner. Doesn't happen with my pionerr or sony burners, so in addition to usineg hp for cds only, I now label my dvds as to which burner they came from- so I can narrow problems down sooner.


    Now if I can just get the settop dvdrecorder to do a good job of finalizeing my rw's so I can get them into the computer and edit out commercials.!!

  13. Well Finnlands St Urho was actually was actually on vacation in Ireland on the 17th of march, help them with the snakes, and since Urho is so hard to say in gaelic, the just called him the patriarch, which eventually evolved into St Patrick. (google St Urho-- its actually a Michigan upper peninsula fable, but still Finnish)

    Of course the Irish also have leprachons, banshees,


    Danes have any good fables we can pass onto our grandkids?????

    Also willing to pass on Polish to grandkids


    Unlike todays immigrants that arrive here, forceing use to assimulate into their culture, my ancesters abandoned the old world.

    If these new immigrants are so proud of their homeland, and its greater ways, but willing to hate people from neighboring countries , but banding with them everytime I laugh at an ethnic joke, let Shamus's effervesant finger point them home to their motherland and the lifestyle they are attempting to force upon me.


    By the way, which finger was that Shamus?

  14. yes something tastfull

    like a finger emitting noxious fumes :innocent:



    your in Danmark?

    I could use some good Dansk foklore


    All I know is some Finnish stuff --like St. Urho (march 16)

    and I'm not even Finnish

  15. QUOTE(http://www.citizenship.gov.au/becoming-a-citizen/application-process/eligible.htm)

    3. English Language Requirement


    You should be able to speak and understand basic English


    You may be exempt from this requirement if:

    * you are a person aged 50 years or over

    * a person whose ability is affected by a physical or intellectual impairment

    * if you provide evidence of having completed the English language tuition with the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) and you can respond in simple English on aspects of the application.


    I like that. Wish we had that in the states. I think it's disgusting that they think we should learn their language. In Michigan the schools teach in their native tounge!!!!!!

    I think everyone should speak Polish also, my civil rights have been violated not being exposed to my cultural roots.

  16. When I was in the US marines, a couple guys in the barracks kept asking me to go out and get some cock with them. After I turned them down a couple times they accused me of being gay. "Who ME!?- I'm not going out for cock" Apparently it was a southern word for what a girl does- she cocks her legs open. I still didn't go with them, hard to trust someone who enjoys spitshineing combat boots.

  17. If anyone knows the story of why the US adopted NTSC and the UK/Europe adopted PAL, I'd love to hear it.


    If I remember correctly my USA high school electronics class book, said we invented the tele here in the states. Therefore it's europe that came up with pal. For whatever reason. Of course I think Marconi also did the wireless here.


    Then again they used to think electricity flowed from positive to negative. (actually it did, my great great granddad, switched the labels while no one was looking. By the time they figured it out, they were to embaresed to admit it, and to this very day it still a cover up)

  18. I do my video work with a pinnacle product on a pc

    I did have problems with a older slower machine

    Computer likes it fine- in your editor- or the computers dvd player software?

    Assume your settop player likes camcorder disk?!

    Have you had any success with any other video work? Backup copys of your vids?

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