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  1. waah? delphi? And here I was hoping, oh well back to searching for a proper nero replacement..
  2. There is no "big boys software" for this kind of stuff. The only app I've seen that properly handles unicode/japanese filenames out of the box is UltraISO. What makes you dislike unicode? Are you still trying to support Win9x? It's not that bad to implement even in fairly large projects which have begun their life as ANSI.
  3. huh? The DVD Authoring application I use (http://www.mediachance.com/dvdlab/dvdlabpro.html) does not make "ISO images" (and I dont want it to, either), but simply creates a valid VIDEO_TS/AUDIO_TS structure in a folder on disk. Thus, I need something like bloated Nero to burn those files to disk. It already takes 10 minutes to mux a DVD project in dvdlab, I dont need another 5 minutes to create a ISO and then another 10 to burn it, if I could simply use <insert app here> and build+burn in one step (without creating temporary files).
  4. What kind of incentive is needed to have on-the-fly UDF/ISO creation+burning added into this app? (i.e. drop some files into it and have it burn it). Nero sucks, and all these frontends for mkisofs are garbage not to mention i don't want to waste 2x the space for a ISO image. Oh, and it should properly support joliet/unicode, Nero is on v7 and still can't handle japanese filenames inside ISO properly. Piece of crap. Can I send you $100 and have this feature added reasonably soon?
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