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  1. How about because it is a waste of my time ?? I didn't know about this weird fetish, and so I started an ISO to burn on DVD+RW (using IMGBURN) just to check the result before burning the ISO to a DVD-R. ImgBurn started to do a Full Erase/Format. I groaned. Then I put a 2nd DVD+RW disk in my older DVD burner drive, started Nero6, and burned the ISO, including a 'quick format" before ImgBurn even finished its Full Format. I was then able to use the DVD+RW from Nero6 in my standalone player to check how the ISO came out. There was no problem whatsoever due to using quick format instead of full format. I quite like ImgBurn, but if you don't add an option for "Always use Quick Erase/Format", I'll probably uninstall it - because I don't have an extra 15 minutes every time I burn a DVD+RW. These aren't Master Disks for pressing millions of copies of DVD's, they are just DVD+RW's for testing - that's what DVD+RW's are for - preventing the loss of a DVD-R disk when you have made a mistake in authoring.
  2. ADude


    Shoutcast is the original Internet music streaming - and still one of the best for free Internet music. Another good site for free Internet music radio is www.tuner2.com which features better sound quality using the new AAC+ codec that is included with the more recent versions of Winamp.
  3. Hi ! Currently ImgBurn reports the size of the image in bytes, which is helpful, because it is very accurate. However, it would also be useful to have the same size also reported in MB, just so that one could check at a glance that there was not a problem. EG Instead of: Size: 4, 660,000,123 bytes Show: Size: 4,660,000,123 bytes (4,444.12 MB) Thanks !
  4. Hi ! Currently the Taskbar for ImgBurn reports the percentage completed which is helpful. However, it would be more helpful to state whether that is during Write mode or Verify mode, because when one is doing both, you can't tell how far along you are in the whole process. EG instead of: 87% - ImgBurn it should report: 87% Write - ImgBurn PS And please do the same for the tooltip as well.
  5. Hi ! First off, I think that Lightning needs to write a brief sentence explaining what each setting is. In some cases, I probably understand the underlying feature, but don't understand what the two words used are saying. Here are specifics (these are on both Write and Verify settings); - Check "Delete Image" - Check "Close Program" - Check "Shutdown Computer" In each case, I'm not sure how the word "check" is being used here. I know what each of those 3 actions do, but not what you mean by "check". Also, I'm not at all familiar with: - DVD +R Reserve Track - DVD-RAM Fast Write I use DVD+R's but haven't yet bought any DVD-RAMs (although that may change at some point). Also, what is "Discovery"? Other burn programs don't use that term. Lastly, when I burned an image to a DVD+RW, ImgBurn announced that it was not going to do a Quick Erase, so it spend 10-15 minutes erasing. However, I cannot find any setting for Quick Erase. #39;( Thanks for your time explaining these (and writing this free program!).
  6. That's an interesting piece of software, but it seems to get all its information from IFO's rather than the VOB's themselves. I did a web search and this question has been asked about half a dozen times in the past in various DVD/Video Forums and there is never a reply.
  7. I looked at PgcEdit and it can edit the Chapter list and the Menus. However, I still have to actually change the CELL-IDs in the VOB files themselves, because someone along the way reset them all to be "1". If I use VOBedit, I have to scroll down through dozens of pages to find each Navigation point to edit the CELL-ID. Is there any program that can just bring up the CELL-IDs so they can be edited ?? Thanks !
  8. Hi ! I have a fully authored DVD, with a very nice chapter menu that I would like to keep. But, the chapter points were done wrong, and do not end up at the right points. I know that I could simply take the main video and re-author it from scratch with a new menu and chapter points, but I would like to keep the nice chapter menu and only change the points in the video where the chapters go. Is there any way to do this? Thanks ! (Actually, I have a couple of DVDs with this problem, from downloading DVDs made by fans from unreleased materials.)
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