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  1. Any clue as to when the next version will be coming?
  2. One Bad Ass GT 500 and Hot Babes how could you go wrong? The sow is going to be re-broadcast on Feb 23 in my area, since I missed it.
  3. You are the Master! There is a donation coming!
  4. I know that making ImgBurn work on Linux is probably not on the top of your list, and yes Wine is very buggy at best! Maybe having a couple of your Beta Testers running Linux would help.
  5. That's cool, everything else works great
  6. It seems that the CD audio burning will not work on Ubuntu Linux and Wine. This is probably not a problem with ImgBurn as the same files burned fine on my Windows partition with the same files. Here are some screen shots of the errors http://mysite.verizon.net/vzer15pr/sitebui...ures/error1.jpg http://mysite.verizon.net/vzer15pr/sitebui...ures/error2.jpg http://mysite.verizon.net/vzer15pr/sitebui...ures/error3.jpg I will be doing more testing and post some logs as I go. I will also be trying an earlier version of Wine. Has anyone else running Linux been able to get this to work?
  7. Seeing how this thread is already hijacked here is my log
  8. It might be time to try a better burner! I have only purchased one Samsung and it will be the last!
  9. Did you post you log? No No I am Running ImgBurn on Linux, but maybe the drive you are using does not like the media you are using!
  10. Just installed V. on Ubuntu 7.10 and everything looks great! Here is a screenshot of my Favorite EZ Mode picker screen
  11. We will get a program that works like it should knowing LUK's work!
  12. So true, Linux may not be for you if having trouble with these basic PC skills. You may even want to do when I started out with Linux and find a spare machine to play around with until you can figure out the basics, that way if you screw something up you can start over. ImgBurn on Linux http://my.afterdawn.com/wolfmanz/show_image.cfm/15409/full Amarok a Linux based music player http://my.afterdawn.com/wolfmanz/show_image.cfm/16288/full
  13. . Thanks to my buddy at work I may be of some help with Spanish in the future! As of now I only have learned all the bad words and can count to 16, still working on the rest.
  14. I knew I should not have been so bad this year!
  15. Is that what has been holding up the next release , Lightning UK is too busy with all the women!
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