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  1. My DVD Decrypter has ceased producing Audio TS files , so Any Video Converter says its conversion of DVD9 to DVD5.ISO files for burning with Decrypter will not contain any sound . I have been using DVD Shrink successfully for 4-5 years , but several different versions I have downloaded all turn the Computer off after approx. 3-4 minutes of encoding - so I am trying to convert & encode to .Iso file using the Any Video Converter and am failing miserably . And this is after Ive reset the programs to their Default Mode , and after 12 hours of endeavour I still have achieved no .Iso files . Maybe these 2 programs are incompatible perhaps ? I would prefer to use DVD Shrink but can't find any Logs I can post to this Forum . I also have ImgBurn , But it keeps telling me that " Duplex Secure's SPTD driver can have a detrimental effect on Drive performance "so I have Stopped using it , but anyway it does not convert DVD9to DVD5 for Burning . But as I'm a 74 year old , I don't really Know enough to help myself- I've reached my limitations . Any suggestions would be helpful , because I'll try any to see if I can get things right ?
  2. Is there any Brand of new DVD+RW's I can purchase that are already formatted for ImgBurn's Format needs . I have burned 2 DVD's of the same movie , 1 = already used in a Panasonic DVD HDD modelDMR E85H , erased , and inserted in my computer DVD drive , for ImgBurn to Burn a Movie title . The 2nd was a brand new disc , a Transonic DVD+RW . But ImgBurn software said it had to erase and format both discs --- which takes about 17 mins on my computer , and with a further approx. 14mins to burn , takes overall = over 30 mins ! How can I speed up this process using rewritable discs ? I also burned the same title to a new Transonic DVD+R - and it only took about 14 mins . So please could anyone suggest a quicker way to utilise DVD rewritable discs -- or should I look for another DVD Burner that is speedier ? Thanks , --- Noonyfoot
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