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  1. Hello all, I am new to ImgBurn and new to the concept of image burning. I don't really even know exactly what an "image" is. I recently suffered from a virus infestation and my computer crashed beyond recovery, needing me to reinstall Windows, my drivers and all my favourite software. I was wondering if creating an image using ImgBurn would avoid me having to reinstall all my favourite programs if something similar happened again? It would be nice to have a DVD that could provide me with a working copy of Windows and the programs I need for work without too much hassle. My first impression is that I should use ImgBurn to burn an image of C:\ to an ISO file. Is that correct? Would it work as I just described if my computer were to unexpectedly die? Could I just restore the burnt image of C:\ and have quick access to a fresh, clean, virus-free operating system with Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite and Skype etc. etc.? Please can you let me know if I have adequately grasped the concept of what ImgBurn does and how it can help me.
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