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  1. Thanks - dare I ask - oh who will flame me? ... that other program I so dearly love and use ... forgotten its name ... can anybody help me out with the answer? ilu
  2. Hi, Is there really a linux version of Imgburn? Rumours spread ... and if true it would be b....y good! http://forum.imgburn.com/style_emoticons/d...lt/innocent.gif Ilu
  3. Yes, I did mean Build - thanks. I'll look it up in the guide for step by step to grasp it. Thanks, ilu
  4. Thanks LigtningUK and apologies for missing that. :-) ilu
  5. Hi, I can't see that this has been suggested before, if it has, my apologies. In Preferences, could there be a "Minimise to System Tray when Minimised" option? I know you can minimise to tray by clicking on the symbol on the main window but this preference would mean the just by clicking the "-" the user could minimise to System Tray. Regards, ilu
  6. Thanks. When I first started using ImgBurn (the first release day) there were no guides that I could find. I obviously looked more than once but soon gave up. Concerning Burn, I have often wondered what the heck this is, and reading your guide tells me how to use it but not what for, e.g. is it a sort of backup function? If so - then increasing that to saving folder selections and adding scheduling would solve all my problems ... it obviously isn't a Shrink replacement ... ilu
  7. I am now and it works OK ... my apologies, I never knew that menu existed. Many thanks for pointing it out. Best regards, ilu
  8. Hi, LightningUK!, further to Lamb Chops and Cynthia's posts back in February, the delete box not remaining checked when a queue had been set to delete each image. I am still having the same problem - I'm using version 2.0.0 and ImgBurn reports it is up to date. What I do is highlight all the files in the queue, set the speed, device and delete image. (Speed is set to MAX anyway). But when burning the next image the delete box is not checked nor is the image deleted on completion. When you said you had fixed it was that a version later than the 5 Aug 2006 version, please? Many thanks, ilu
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