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  1. ISO-13346 is, according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Disk_Format, a change in on-disk format. As the Wiki points out, it is a successor to ISO-9660. Irrespective of whether data is written in packets or not, its the format that's the issue. I'm curious whether the Data Type in ImgBurn 2.5 of "MODE2/FORM1/2542" is related? If so, what would be UDF Revision number to best select? What I know is that a Dell-supplied Windows 7 Pro DVD is in ISO-13346 format. I have successfully read in and created an on-disk ISO of some 6,170,824,704 bytes. ImgBurn reports that intermediate file with File Sys: ISO9660 (Bootable), UDF (1.50). It has 3,013,098 sectors, LB=2,084,960, and size is 6,170,824,704 bytes. Clearly, an ISO9660 DVD has 4,700,372,002 bytes max, so the intermediate ISO I made of the original DVD won't fit. (I have successfully recorded it, in ISO9660, on a Dual-Layer DVD.) It does not appear that ImgBurn recognizes the source ISO properly (reporting it as ISO9660, when it is known to be ISO13346. I'm trying to figure out if this is an issue (ISO-13346 as successor to ISO-9660) that our honorable designer and implementer, LIGHTNING UK!, is conversant with, and has plans to add to ImgBurn, or not. --Carol Anne
  2. Now that Windows 7 is being ditributed with more than 6GB on a single DVD, we need to be able to read/write ISO-13346 media. Is there any chance of that being included in a future version? For now, I'm using Nero's InCD v6.6; clumsy, but it appears to work.
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