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  1. Many thanks for the reply and tips mmalves. Did the "You dont have DMA enabled on the drive / IDE channel" Workaround and it worked fine for my Sony DRU-720A. Now it records at very good speeds with no problem (even using Imation media). Thanks a million !
  2. Last week, I tried to burn a DL DVD at home (that was my first attempt ever). I know the best media available are Verbatim DL, but didn't have them at hand, so got Imation ones. Before burning it, I upgraded my home PC DVD recorder (Sony DRU 720A J02) firmware to latest version (J08). After that, I tried to record the disk but operation failed two times, so I gave up till next day. When at work following morning, I installed same version of Imageburn ( in my notebook (here I have a TSSTcorp DVD +-RW TS-L632H D200) and after some help from a workmate, I could record the 4 DL disks I wanted. Only one problem was that the recording speed was just 1.2x, instead of 16x I usually get with DVD5. Since that upgrade, I can't longer get old recording speeds in any of both recorders. In my home PC, I already uninstalled Daemon Tools and SPTD driver (I was getting "SPTD can have a detrimental effect on drive performance" error) and in my Dell Vostro 1500 notebook removed Imageburn and have tried Nero and CloneDVD2, I no longer get good recording speeds. Any help would be highly appreciated. THanks a million!
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