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  1. Nope. Keep up the great work Lightning_UK and co arghh me hearty!!!
  2. argggg me hearties the darnnn rpc1 sites are still down and out.....anyone have clue of what's going on with em'????
  3. well me hearties a BBBBBig Happ Bdayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to Lightning_UK I remember him from the old decrypter days anyhooooo many happy returns LUK 3 cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arghhhhhhhh there sha blows............
  4. No must be a error......... Shamus needs help................. yoho shamus know of any good TY DVR -R media outlets within brissy, last time u suggested a place but it no longer suplies TY anyhow good to see the old crew banded together argg me hearties
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