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  1. Hi, i've updated the extension followed the suggestion of eSkRo Now look like this: ImgBurnShell.dll Version 0.4 ImgBurnShell.7z
  2. Hi,i have implemented some feature suggested by eSkRo Now look like this I have added exceptions when select wrong file or folder. Implementing the item " burn audio cd" it's harder because ImgBurn don't have a commandline for create a Cue Sheet file. I will work on this (I don't have much time). For eSkRo: Sorry i don't use any IM software. I'm here for suggestins. ImgBurnShell.dll Version 0.3 ImgBurnShell v0.3.7z
  3. Thanx eSkRo for the install explanations and for the suggestions. I've tried to fix the problems For the problem #3 you have to unassociate ImgBurn with image files. Try this new version and let me know. ImgBurnShell.dll Version 0.2 ImgBurnShell.7z
  4. eSkRo

    Good Job!

    i Like your Shell Extension!

    im Italian too!

    can we talk about future improvements!

    I got great ideas!!!

    ive been wanting a Shell Extension for Ages!!!

    heres my EMAIL --> unholy_god_666@hotmail.com


  5. Hi to everyone.I'm new here but i use ImgBurn from long time (Thanx to LIGHTNING UK!). I've write a shell extension for ImgBurn and i want to share it with other user. Let me now if it's useful. ImgBurnShell.7z Ps: Sorry for my English, I'm Italian ZoG - WSF 2010®
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