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  1. just burned a backup on my newly arrived 2.4x verbatims (from singapore^^) and there were no problems... so, problem seems to be the 8x dual layer discs and win7... on xp the 8x's burn, but not on 7.... hmm thank you's and goodbye for now!
  2. This is what you have now. http://www.nvidia.co.uk/object/nforce_vista_win7_64bit_15.49_uk.html Looks to me as you have the latest chipset drivers installed already for SATA. For the non SATA I can't really understand what brand that one is. all the drivers i have are from nvidia i believe, for my motherboard.... this is a clean install on a clean hd... that date on the last driver is different than the nvidia uk link you posted... if that's what you're pointing out
  3. Optiarc AD-7240S firmware --> v1.03 (15th October, 2009) not bad at all,,,, L&d firmware for mine now @ 103bt_rpc1 what's l&d mean?
  4. got a verified working burn while i was dual booting in xp.... no issues... attached a dxdiag of my windows 7, in case the imgburn guys can fix this.... it's something with my hardware and windows 7 i guess... first log is from the xp boot thanks everyone for the help<3 worked on xp - ImgBurn.log 32210 - DxDiag.txt
  5. I ended up getting the optiarc.... had 700 decent reviews... it was $22, if it doesn't work... ill send it back=) Thanks for the input everybody<3
  6. what's the problems with your optiarc?
  7. thats the one people are saying it's a sony optiarc, but from what i hear, they're good too
  8. Just posting this here because you guys seem to know your stuff.... been scouring the internets trying to find out what is the best drive, but the only thing I've found out is that, there is no super awesome drive... People are saying that if it's DL burning, then it should work.... I'm trying to find out which drive is super duper awesome in its burning capabilities for backing up 360 games.... I'm mainly focusing on newegg stuff.. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827106333&cm_re=dvd_burner_internal-_-27-106-333-_-Product reviewed highly http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827106335&cm_re=dvd_burner_internal-_-27-106-335-_-Product people are saying this drive is a rebadged optiarc
  9. was looking at my logs.... my device says "Destination Device: [4:0:0] ASUS DRW-2014L1T 1.01 (Z:) (ATA)".... shouldn't this be SATA? It's hooked up thru sata.. Just wondering before I buy stuff
  10. made a dual boot and loaded up win xp, I was able to install the firmware and the flash was successful... came back to win7 to try to burn, but same thing happened=( after firmware update - ImgBurn.log
  11. Thanks Cynthia, I liked where that sent me... I started searching more like that, and found out the problem is big and doesn't make sense to endure, already spent more than $20-30 of my time reading about this drive, which was kinda awesome up till this point...... I'm just going to get another drive.. Anyone have suggestions for a dvd burner for 360 backups thats super awesome and works on win7 and imgburn?
  12. I just ran the firmware and it showed a dos box real quick, did it work? What do I need to do just dbl click on the exe? Device manager is still showing a '06 driver Open up a DOS window and run the .exe file from there. That way you'll see the messages. http://www.c3scripts.com/tutorials/msdos/open-window.html After running the file in cmd/dos, it's saying "No matched devices!" =(
  13. I just ran the firmware and it showed a dos box real quick, did it work? What do I need to do just dbl click on the exe? Device manager is still showing a '06 driver I've been doing my own looking, seems like there's no win7 driver.... I wonder if I add install xp on a partition and then do the firmware update would that help.... is that dumb? Seems like if it's just the info in hardware and i need a way to get in there...
  14. I just ran the firmware and it showed a dos box real quick, did it work? What do I need to do just dbl click on the exe? Device manager is still showing a '06 driver
  15. Sup guys, I have an asus drw-2014 and I'm trying to burn backups. My friend suggested imgburn since he has the same dvd drive. I' on win7 x64 and I was using Verbatim DVD+R DL 8x. I'm failing at 50% during the verifying process, none of the discs are working. My first attempt was at 2x, but my drive cannot go that low so bumped it up (my friend said this happened to him, but he got a good burn on the first try), anyways, that attempt for me failed. 2nd attempt was at 8x just to see, that didn't work. Last attempt was set at 4x, failed at 50% too. asus drw-2014 evga 780i SLI - 6850 win7 64 I'm thinking the 8x might be the problem... I rushed out and got them today since I just finished modding my 360 today, I'll have to wait for some 2.4 discs when the work week starts. Any ideas that could help me? Including logs<3 first burn - ImgBurn.log 4x burn - 3rd time - ImgBurn.log
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